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June ’20 | To Read

May was a slightly less impressive month of reading, managing around 9 books, but that’s okay. The world is finally getting back together and I’ve been a little more preoccupied. Anyways, this month’s three priority reads are some I’m extremely excited about. Continue reading “June ’20 | To Read”

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Character of the Month (May ’20) | Noctis Lucis Caelum

This month, I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with my procrastination for this post, being quite indecisive of who would be the focus character for May. However, I felt it was about time we returned to the video game world, becoming reintroduced to one of my favourite games and loving every second back in its world. So, this month is dedicated to the said game’s protagonist! Continue reading “Character of the Month (May ’20) | Noctis Lucis Caelum”

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Top Five Tuesday | Books on my Audible Wish List

This week I’ve been neglecting my audio-books a bit, opting to listen to music on my walks rather than my books. However, it’s not due to a lack of enjoyment, it’s more because of indecision. I currently have two Audible tokens and no idea what to spend them on. So, I thought I’d compose a little Top Five Tuesday post to help me decide. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Books on my Audible Wish List”