Event: Dare to Dream Book Tour 2017

Q and A with Izzy Judd

7th July 2017
WHSmith, Birmingham. 

izzy tourAlthough, the poster states that Izzy’s Q&A in Birmingham would take place at The Glee Club, it was changed soon after to WHSmith nearby. That didn’t seem to cause much trouble, however, as it was mostly prepared as I arrived ten minutes before the suggested starting time of 7pm. Staff members were very friendly, offering a selection of drinks and crisps while waiting for Izzy Judd’s arrival.

Izzy arrived a few minutes later, welcoming those around before the event began. She started by reading the introduction to her novel, which was read beautifully clear and soft, setting the tone of the book as gentle yet informative. The Question and Answer session then began, where an interviewer asked a series of questions regarding the topics discussed within the book, such as; PCOS, her miscarriage and struggle with anxiety. Izzy answered openly with a smile, using examples from further discussions within the book and showing her strength to overcome the heartbreaking situations she’s experienced. She also spoke a lot about her husband, Harry Judd, who featured in her book with a chapter written by him, showing his side of the story as she feels he’s also important to remember men when dealing with conceiving a child, which was enlightening and inspiring to hear about.

Once all initial questions had been asked, there was the opportunity for fans to ask questions, which were listened to intently before answered. It was an inspiring moment for me, as although I may not personally relate to the topics discussed within the book, hearing other’s similar experiences opened my eyes to a world that I may not experience.

Finally was the signing, where we each had the chance to personally chat with Izzy and have our books signed. She was incredibly kind and easy to talk to, signing the inside of my book with a polite message. After a little chat about my studies regarding life writing and other genres I enjoy, I was guided out the store by a helpful employee.

Overall, the event went by without any problems, managing to create an anxious free environment for (hopefully) all there.


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