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In celebration of the second season of Stranger Things being released today, I felt it was the perfect day to post this tag. Thank you to Sarah Sunbeemz for the creation of this tag, it’s such a unique idea. Also, thank you to Jamishelves for allowing anyone to participate. Your responses were really fun to read!


The opening sequence of Stranger Things is amazing and really grabs your attention. Name a book that grabbed your attention from the first page.

Militia of the Lost

I’ll probably have to say Militia of the Lost by Laurence Beveridge. The book opens with a prologue introducing the dystopian world he created, with such beautiful language that it’s pretty difficult not to be hooked by.

“The year is 2145. Grandomina is a city state, surrounded on all sides by the gargantuan, ragged teeth of the Nefariousa Mountains. The land around it, known in the old times as England and in the later times as Convonia, is now a place of shadow and very bad weather, and for over half a century the populace of Grandomina has been under the impression that it is unsafe to leave the city walls. ”
(Page 10) 

Also, the first chapter is a great introduction to Edgar Dionisio, a character that is instantly difficult not to love.


Name a fantasy world you would like to experience yourself. 

cirque du freak 1Although, Harry Potter would have been my obvious choice, I feel as if it’s the most common so I’m going to mention my second favourite.

Cirque Du Freak, from The Saga of Darren Shan, written by the man of the same name, is a world I’ve held close to my heart since I was younger. The story tells of a travelling freak show, which I became fascinated with since reading the first of the series. Also, Vampires exist, so why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this world?!


When Eleven met Mike, Dustin and Lucas it was a *mostly* perfect team. Name your favourite bookish group of friends. 

raven boysAlthough, again my first option would probably be The Golden Trio from the Harry Potter Series, recently I’ve been obsessed with the protagonists in The Raven Boys. Their relationship with another is the most realistic I’ve read in YA Fiction for a long time, them all having healthy arguments for justifiable reasons before coming to a resolution together. They seem like a great bunch of people, who look out for another. Plus, their characters are so interesting and develop slowly with each instalment. I can’t wait until I have time to return to this series!


Joyce Byers goes mad with grief after Will goes missing. Name your favourite mentally unhinged character. 

The Great Gatsby
Although, it’s not officially confirmed, and there’s been debates on this fact for years, I’d have to say Jay Gatsby from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.




Name a book that was the opposite of what you expected. 

33961568Show Stopper by Hayley Barker was a fairly recent one I’ve read. I had heard and read so much about how amazing this book was, even people in bookstores were recommending it to people! However, the story kinda fell flat, which was so disappointing considering how much potential the concept had. I go into more detail in my review here.




Dr. Brenner likes to get freaky with humanity. Name the freakiest dystopian government you can think of. 

The Handmaids TaleThis one was a pretty tough one for me, there’s so many contenders like this with dystopia. However, I’d probably have to say The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. This world has terrified me since my first read years ago.





Name a scary bookish creature that you would not want to come through your walls. 

Chamber of SecretsAlthough, this creature exists on a technicality, I still would not want the Acromantula’s in Harry Potter to come anywhere near me. I severely suffer with arachnophobia and I have only been able to watch Aragog’s scene in the Chamber of Secrets a handful of times considering my adoration for the series. The mere thought of them is enough to give me nightmares.




Name a book that left you wanting more. 

26404831This would definitely have to be Half Lost by Sally Green. I adore this series. Everything about it is perfect; the world, the characters, the magic. However, the ending broke my heart, and I’d give anything for there to be a continuation; I mean, they’re witches! Surely, there’s a way for them to be happy, right?!
My review and ramble on this book is here.




I Tag: 

Trusty Drying Pan

+ Anyone else who’d like to participate! I unfortunately can’t tag anyone else as I’m unsure who is a fan of the series. Feel free to drop me a comment if you’d like to be more officially tagged, however.


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