Review: Spellslinger | Sebastien de Castell

This Review contains spoilers. 


“First thing you learn wandering the long roads, kid. Everyone thinks they’re the hero of their own story.”

Series: Spellslinger
Published: 2017, by Hot Key Books.
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic
Contains: Death, Violence, Strong Language, Blood/Gore

‘Spellslinger’ tells the story of a young aspiring mage named Kellen, set on passing the four trails to grant this wish before his sixteenth birthday. However, he’s unable to perform magic. When a mysterious woman saves his life during the first trail, she leads him down a different path to fulfil his desires.

I was desperately hoping I’d love this book, being a huge fan of magic and fantasy worlds similar this one, and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

The concept as a whole drew me in from the very first page, adoring the idea of magical bands and trails. The idea of there being someone unable to accomplish magic yet refuses to back down, is what made me initially fall in love with Kellen’s character. The protagonist is someone you immediately sympathise with, his desires to make his family proud and prove to those against him that he’s as much as a Jan’Tep as they are is inspiring. His strength is influential throughout the novel and keeps you desperate for more of his journey.

Ferius’s character is another contender. I adore her. She’s smart, witty, and a clear role model for Kellen as the story progresses. Her dialogue is definitely some of my favourites throughout the book, as occasionally the other characters lack slightly, yet her character immediately draws you back into the story. However, by far the best dialogue in the piece was from Reichis, the sarcastic squirrel cat. His speech was full of threatening one-liners that you couldn’t help but fall in love with him, and his progressing relationship with the protagonist is one of the many reasons why I’ll be continuing the series.

The climax of the novel was mind-blowing. The development of Kellen’s character as he stood against the council was incredible to read; it was definitely one of those moments where you couldn’t help but crack a smile, and the confrontation between him and Shalla transformed it into a grin.

Overall, I loved this magical book. Although, on occasion there were times when the terminology lost me and I’d have to skim back through for explanation, it didn’t hinder the enjoyment of the story. The lovable characters and numerous cliff-hangers made you lose yourself within the pages anyway.



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