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January ’18 | Wrap Up

January has felt like the fastest and slowest month all at once, and personally I’m glad it’s over. University has started up again, for the last time, and I’m hardly prepared to face the wrath of deadlines again.
However, when books are concerned, it’s been a fairly successful month! I’ve fell in love with new characters, completed one of my favourite series and began reading a few new authors. 

My January Reading Goals

This month I planned to read six books, all of which I’ve managed to complete in time for February.

Total pages read: 2,116
Current Goodreads Challenge: 6 (12% Complete) 2 ahead of schedule
Male Authors: 2
Female Authors: 3
Genres Read: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, LGBT, Magic, Horror, Contemporary, Mystery, Music, Thriller, Nonfiction
Triggers Found: Strong Language, Violence, Blood/Gore, Anger, Death, Drugs/Alcohol, Depression/Suicide, Abuse

Favourite reads of the month:

Top Five Tuesdays

My new years resolution was to begin creating more content on this blog, and I’ve definitely succeeded with the help of these types of posts. It’s been deeply enjoyable to ramble and decide what to dedicate the post to each week. There’s been a lot of reflecting on 2017 this month, but I’m planning on moving onto more interesting Top Fives in February.

Character of the Month

This month’s character was dedicated to Ronan Lynch of The Raven Cycle, in celebration after completing the series as my first book of 2018. He became one of my favourite fictional characters since reading the first instalment, and it definitely suits him to become the face of January 2018.


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