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Top Five Tuesday | YA Series To Re-Read

This week’s Top Five is dedicated to my old beloved series currently collecting dust on my shelves. I’ve been meaning to read these again for years, yet I have an intimidating pile in my room of books I’ve never read, and they’ve become an automatic priority… even though the pile only ever seems to get bigger. 
I’ve decided not to include the Harry Potter series in this list, as it’s a default number one. That series is one I’m always reading again and again, having multiple editions in all different formats, so I want to talk more about the less obvious answers for a book blogger. Just remember that I still desperately want the time to return to HP though.

The Saga of Darren Shan | Darren Shan

91z0uugkoulThis series is what founded my love of books back in High School, and I must have irritated so many people by constantly talking about the world and characters Shan created. The author is one of my biggest writing inspirations, and I’d give anything to have the chance to meet and thank him. I grew up around this series, and yet nowadays I can hardly remember the story past book four! I’m hoping to have the time to experience the series again once university is over, so there may be a few more posts about this saga in the future.

Skulduggery Pleasant | Derek Landy

51jbrygxvwl-_sx258_bo1204203200_This is another series by another of my writing inspirations, and I was given the opportunity to meet the author early last year during the tour for the latest instalment. I’m now a few books behind in this series, having multiple conversations at the tour with far more dedicated fans than me, but I’m hoping to rediscover my love for this series soon. Also, apparently the latest book is a return for the series after it’s completion! I had no idea there was a conclusion, so I’m excited to discover how it unfolds.

The Maze Runner | James Dashner

s-l300When I first found this series, there was only two books, meaning I’ve not had the chance to reach the conclusion prior to the final films release. However, there now seems to be two more instalments of the series, a prequel and sequel, so I have quite a bit to catch up with now. The story has also escaped me since The Maze Runner, as I remember being fascinated with that instalment more than anything else. Although, I’m aware of the conclusion thanks to the film franchise and online discussions, I’d still like to experience it firsthand in The Death Cure. If I manage to complete my to-read pile soon, this might be next on the list.

Gone | Michael Grant

gone-series-michael-grant-collection-6-books-set-light-hunger-lies-plague-fear-31472-pI remember loving this book series when it was first launched, and yet I now can’t remember a single thing about the characters or world it explores. Even the main characters names have escaped my mind, which is so depressing considering how well-worn my editions are. However, I remember recommending it a lot to people when I first completed it, and received a few positive reviews back. It’s probably time to remind myself why I loved it so much.
Plus, the editions I own are beautiful, with each book having a different colour down the side of the pages – I’ve always loved it when books do that!

A Series of Unfortunate Events | Lemony Snicket

s-l1600Lemony Snicket was my all-time favourite author as a child, having been desperate to write like him and idolised Violet Baudelaire for her intelligence and protective nature. However, I never managed to get the full collection in the same editions before they changed the cover design, which I hate! It looks so out-of-sync on my shelves. The second series of the Netflix adaptation is due out next month, and I was hoping to be able to refresh my memory in time for the launch, yet I doubt I’ll have the free time to do that now. Here’s hoping in time for series three!


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