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February ’18 | Wrap Up

This month has gone by so quickly that I found myself getting confused by scheduled blog posts and missing a fair amount of personal deadlines. No matter, there’s always March to try and get myself back on board. A.K.A the scheduled university assignment month. I refuse to allow myself to be behind anymore! 


Before moving onto the various segments, I’d just like to mention a small milestone my blog has reached this month; 50 follows! When first moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress I never thought I’d even reach double digits, let alone half way to 100. I haven’t even been using this site for very long and I’ve been fairly anxious about my content recently, so I really appreciate the likes and support from fellow bloggers and readers. Thank you so much to everyone who’s followed!

Outside the world of blogging…

I didn’t include this section in last month’s Wrap Up, however, that was mostly due to my mindset at the time, not believing there was any personal accomplishments to mention. Since then, however, I’ve realised how damaging that is and will aspire to talk more about my life outside of blogging in the future. There’s not much place to put it elsewhere after all.

So, this month I’ve:

  • Met and went to see one of my favourite bands; Don Broco. There was a signing at my local music store and they performed a few acoustic songs before we could meet them! They were super nice and I got a cute photo – which I won’t post because I look awful. Their gig was around a week later and I didn’t freeze up like I’ve done the past few shows and managed to interact a lot. Such an amazing experience. 98d1b0f7f1506cffb2e533b9bbc90b36
  • Applied for an MA degree course. I’ve been putting this off for a while, having questioned my abilities a lot, but I’m so glad I finally managed to get it sent off.
  • Booked myself a night away in April. This one is fairly related to the first, as the band is playing in a city kinda nearby, but it’ll be my first trip away by myself. I’ve already planned a few independent bookstores I want to have a little shop in whilst I’m there. Hopefully I’ll have a Haul post to make relating to it!
  • Went to see Black Panther! I’m a huge MCU fan and I couldn’t wait for this film to come out. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Everyone needs to see it immediately.source

My February Reading Goals

This month’s reading has not particularly gone as planned, but considering the amount of university research I’ve had to do I’m not too disappointed. As someone who’s hardly read crime before I knew I’d have to indulge myself in at least a few this month, I just wasn’t sure what ones when creating my to-read list. On the plus side, I managed to read one more book than I thought I would, making my total this month of six books!

Total pages read: 1,866 (+ 8hrs and 27mins audio)
Current Goodreads Progress: 12 (24% complete) 5 ahead of schedule
Male Authors: 1 (1/2 of Lars Kepler)
Female Authors: 6 (1/2 of Lars Kepler)
Genres Read: Young Adult, Contemporary, Retellings, Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, LGBT, Historical Fiction, Historical, Horror, Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction
Triggers Found: Death, Grief, Mental Illness, Mental Health, Strong Language, Anger, Violence, Sexual Content, Drugs/Alcohol, Abuse, Rape, Blood/Gore, Suicide, Calorie Counting

Favourite Reads of the Month:



Top Five Tuesdays

I haven’t been as successful with creating a new list every week, only managing two out of four this month. However, I’m proud of the ones I’ve created and feel as if they’re fairly relevant to the month as a whole. For Valentines, I created a list of my favourite M/M couples in young adult, managing to ramble quite a bit of my favourites. Plus, writing about the series I’ve been meaning to re-read helped me maintain a positive mindset.

Character of the Month

Considering February is the month of all things wonderful and romantic, I decided to dedicate it to one of my all-time favourite characters in fiction; Remus Lupin. My love for Harry Potter is fairly obvious among my loved ones and I felt a little guilty that he wasn’t my first Character of the Month, so I couldn’t wait any longer to include him.

Telling Tales

This month I had the chance to write two new Telling Tales posts, something January was short of. After being given the task to write a crime story at university, it meant I had to go and pick up a few popular ones for research, giving me a haul to write. Plus, I was tagged in the Sunshine Blogger Awards! Which was a lovely pick-me-up and gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself with the interesting questions.


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