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Telling Tales | Astley Book Farm Haul

Today, I went to my first book farm, which was an adorable experience! As someone who very rarely purchases books from anywhere other than high-street stores such as, Waterstones, Foyles and WHSmith, with the occasional Amazon purchase, it was so nice to explore a bookstore incredibly unique. I’ve always had an admiration for secondhand books, finding something aesthetically pleasing about a bent spine and discoloured pages. And this place was full of them. 

Although, the Young Adult section was nothing compared to the other genres, I managed to grab a total of four books for the usual price of one, which I’m incredibly happy with, and have managed to gather a few books I’ve been desperate to read for so long. Hopefully once my university semester is over, I’ll be able to go back and fill a box full!

1. Evermore | Alyson Noel

6585977Series: The Immortals
Pages: 356
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Retail Price: £6.99
Price Paid: £2.50

Sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom is the sole survivor of a car accident that killed her family. Exiled to sunny California, Ever is haunted by her little sister and by the ability to see people’s auras, her their thoughts and know their entire life story by touching them. She wants to hide from the world, but when a stunningly handsome new guy arrives a school, she can’t seem to keep away. Falling in love with Damen is dangerous – he’s not what he seems. But if Damen is her destiny, how can Ever walk away? 

This book was something I vaguely remember being interested in when I was a child, having a fascination with paranormal romances, so I couldn’t resist picking this up. (Leave me alone, it’s a guilty pleasure) I can’t remember much about the series, but I definitely know I never finished them.

For £2.50, this book is in incredible condition. The pages are clean, the cover is immaculate and it only has one crease in the spine. A great find compared to some others there!

2. The Disappeared | C.J. Harper

19556367Series: The Disappeared
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult
Retail Price: £6.99
Price Paid: £2.95

Jackson’s life is perfect; he’s top of his class, wants for nothing and is destined to be part of the leadership that runs the country. But when a violent incident leaves Jackson badly beaten and his best friend dead, everything changes. Suddenly, his teachers claim not to know him, his records are deleted… Jackson doesn’t exist anymore.
Dumped in an academy, where teachers are kept in cages and being a good fighter is all that matters, Jackson realises that to survive he needs to adapt, and fast. And, as he learns the academy’s terrible secrets, Jackson discovers his whole life has been based on lies: the leadership is corrupt to the core and they’re coming after him. 
Time is running out. Can Jackson destroy the man at the heart of it all before he makes Jackson disappear for good?

This book has been on my Amazon wishlist for around four years now, and I’ve finally bought it! I adore the cover, it suits the overall tone of the book perfectly and I can’t wait to find the time to read it. Possibly a quick summer afternoon read!

This copy is another in immaculate condition. Honestly, it looks like it hasn’t been read from the condition of the pages and spine.

3. Marked | P.C. and Kristin Cast

7933619Series: House of Night
Pages: 348
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy
Retail Price: £5.99
Price Paid: £2.50

When sixteen-year-old Zoey is marked by the Tracker, she knows her old life is over. Now she has to leave her friends and family to join the House of Night school, where there’s only one subject Zoey needs to study: Vampyre 101. 
Of course, there’s always a catch, and this one’s nice and simple: if you fail, you die…

This book was one I was always getting from the library as a child, yet never seemed to move on from the first book in the series. I fell in love with the cover as a child, and that didn’t seem to change the moment I saw it on the shelf. I honestly can’t wait to see if I still have the same love for the story now.

This book is another in great condition, if not a little discoloured down the sides.

4. In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex | Nathaniel Philbrick

28346280Pages: 238
Genre: Nonfiction, History, Adventure, Historical, Survival
Retail Price: £8.99
Price Paid: £1.00

When the whaleship Essex set sail from Nantucket in 1819, the unthinkable happened. A mere speck in the vast Pacific ocean – and powerless against the forces of nature – Essex was rammed and sunk by an enraged sperm whale, and her twenty crewmen were forced to take to the open sea in three small boats. Ninety days later only a handful of survivors were rescued – and a terrifying story of desperation, cannibalism and courage was revealed… 

Okay, I’ll be honest, I mostly bought this because it had Chris Hemsworth on the cover and it was £1. (I usually hate movie book covers, but this was an exception) However, I will admit I’ve been really curious about this story since the film adverts and it sounds really interesting – and terrifying.

This one was in the sales building, so the copy is slightly more damaged. Yet, it’s still not too bad, with a few tears near the spine and the pages a little bent with damp. Overall, it’s still in good enough condition within the pages to read though.


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