Review: Spark | Alice Broadway

This review contains spoilers. 

38091303“We need you in battle. You are the spark that will ignite the powder. We need you on our side through the fire.” 

Series: The Skin Books
Published: 2018, by Scholastic Fiction.
Pages: 344
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction
Contains: Violence, Death, Blood/Gore.

‘Spark’ is the second book in the The Skin Books series, continuing the tale of Leora Flint, a half marked-half blank teenager, desperate to discover her heritage. She is sent to Featherstone as a spy, wanting to draw out information on the lives of the blanks, being told of their urge to destroy the marked. However, she soon discovers that those in Featherstone aren’t what she’s led to believe.

This book has been one of my many anticipated releases of 2018, having fallen in love with the first book, Ink, which I managed to read in a day. This one, I read in less.

Leora Flint is quite possibly one of my favourite YA protagonists ever. I adore her strong-will, her dedication and passion for her home. She’s very easy to route for, hardly ever making any unnecessary mistakes and owns up to her faults throughout the novel. In this installment, she learns of the lies she’s told of blanks, and rather than turning her nose up in disgust, she’s open to their world, finding home there almost immediately.
While living in Featherstone, we’re introduced to Gull, a girl from the family she’s staying with and someone I immediately fall in love with. Gull’s character is adorable, finding comfort in nature while shamelessly being her true self. Although, branded a freak due to the time she was born, she embraces that fact and is curious of Leora’s life. Their relationship clearly sparks from the start and I’m hoping to learn more of her in the next book of the series.
The introduction to Fenn was another loved one, his character being the opposite. He was distant and cold, his hatred for those marked clear throughout the story until Leora saves Gull. This development of his character was amazing to see, his protection of his sister leading him to accept the girl he’s hated since entering the village. I desperately hope we find out more about him soon, he seems to have so much history!

The plot itself was incredibly fast-paced, each chapter giving out new information and action which I loved. It made for an easy, one sitting read, while Broadway’s beautiful language was a pleasure as always. The climax of the novel, however, was intense. It set up the next book perfectly; I have so many questions!

Overall, I loved this story. I’ve missed the old characters, fallen in love with new ones and honestly can’t wait for the next installment.



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