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Telling Tales | Same Book, Different Cover

Regardless of what people say, everyone judges a book by its cover. Whether I’m scrolling through Amazon or Goodreads, or wandering around my favourite bookstore, there’s a high chance I will fall in love with a book with a pretty cover – regardless of what it’s about. This incredibly fun idea was created by The Belgian Reviewer and I was inspired to take part in it after reading UnmutReviews post. So, be sure to check them both out, they talk about some beautifully covered books!

I’m going to choose five books in my ‘read’ shelf on Goodreads and talk about my favourite editions of them.

Book 1: Heartless | Marissa Meyer


My edition of this book is the first image, having fallen in love with it the moment I saw it online. However, after searching through the other editions on Goodreads, I adore the third. It seems to give me more Alice In Wonderland vibes than the others, having the same makeup as Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the Queen in Tim Burton’s adaptations.

Book 2: One of Us is Lying | Karen M. McManus


My edition of this book is the first image, which I’ve personally not been a fan of. My reasoning for picking up this book was primarily for the advertisement in my bookstore, claiming it was a mix of The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars, which I get completely. However, I prefer the second cover for definite, finding the text on the first a little cringe-worthy. ‘Who would you believe?’ Ew.

Book 3: Carry On | Rainbow Rowell


My edition of this book is the third one, another which I can’t stand. The colours are just too awful. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the second cover for ages now, always looking for it every time I go into a bookstore but I can’t find it anywhere! I love the illustrations of Simon and Baz, they look just like I pictured them the first time I read Fangirl.

Book 4: The Maze Runner | James Dashner


My edition of this book is the third one, which I despise. It didn’t appeal to me at all, having read about the series online before seeking a copy for myself. The first and second covers are so much more engaging – if I saw the third cover in a store without knowing anything about the series, I’d definitely just skim past it.

Book 5: The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald


I couldn’t not talk about my favourite book ever here. My edition is the second cover, being one of my favourites. I’m not usually a fan of people being in covers, finding them influence my image of the characters too much. However, this is possibly the only exception, finding them accurate to the story. My favourite cover would have to be the third, one which I’ve been desperate to find for myself for ages. The infamous eyes and darkened street set up the story perfectly and I need a copy for my Gatsby collection immediately.


4 thoughts on “Telling Tales | Same Book, Different Cover

  1. Thank you so much for joining! Cover love is so important for me too but it’s so strange because I always seem to like the copy I have and I’m used to most of all while you would choose a diffierent one. I like all the first covers, except for The Great Gatsby where I like the same as you! I did find it hard to choose the Heartless cover though, this author has got a great designer, but I’m still going with the first here as well :-).

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  2. Great discussion piece, whenever I buy a book I usually look up all the editions of the book online and try really hard to get the one that I want. It’s been hit or miss, particularly with older books, but I agree with you that people do judge books by covers and having an ugly cover on my shelves makes it less appealing to me.

    Totally agree with you on your cover choices as well. The second cover you have for Carry On is the best, no contest compared to the others. I also hadn’t seen the second cover for The Great Gatsby but I like that one quite a lot! The blue cover is iconic of course, but I think I prefer the other cover better!

    Great discussion piece and as a side note, I’ve nominated you for The Unique Blogger Award here: https://limitless-blue.net/lastpage/the-unique-blogger-award/


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