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Top Five Tuesday | One-Sitting Reads (YA)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, I’ve been struggling to think of what to talk about. Thankfully, I was scrolling through my Goodreads favourites and saw how quickly I read a few of them and decided to talk about those. As I’ve talked about characters a bit recently, I thought I’d dedicate this week to books I loved so much I read in one-sitting. 

Starfish | Akemi Dawn Bowman

38721121Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Health, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Romance

This book was the perfect afternoon read. Although, it’s not particularly lighthearted, exploring many difficult problems from the point of view of a young woman, the language and pace of the story was extremely easy and relaxing. It was not overwhelming at any point, the themes of the story being dealt with carefully and managing to settle readers with any possible triggers within the narrative. It was written amazingly well and it will definitely be a book I return to again and again.

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Fangirl | Rainbow Rowell

19174917Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

What made this book such an easy read was the narrative, written in the point of view of a university student and following her journey. Having such short chapters helped too, being fairly slow-paced yet didn’t feel as such when progressing through the story. The characters were heart-warming and the story equally light-hearted, making it an overall wonderful read. If I ever manage to get through my incredibly tall TBR pile, I’ll definitely return to this book.

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Half Bad | Sally Green

Half BadGenre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Magic

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore this trilogy. I’ve been a huge fan since the release of the first novel and am always recommending it to people. I remember reading it for the first time between lessons in College, before completing it the moment I got home that evening. The characters and story-line hook you immediately, exploring witchcraft and romance in the most interesting way. The chapters are short, but each leave you saying ‘just-one-more’ so it’s extremely easy to read it in one-sitting. Although, the trilogy is over now, Sally Green’s recently began a new series that I can’t wait to delve myself into.

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Noah Can’t Even | Simon James Green

33961524Genre: LGBT, Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

This book was one that only took me an afternoon to read, managing to get through the story extremely quickly thanks to the simple language and short chapters. The story explores a teenager’s discovery of their sexuality in such a fun, light-hearted way. Although, there’s mentions of homophobia and friendship breakups, the humour and wonderful characters make it a easy read. Nothing in this book overwhelms you, pacing it perfectly and any possible negative tones are hidden beneath Noah’s brilliant narrative and humour. I loved this story and I can’t wait to read the sequel that’s being released this month!

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My Review here.

Radio Silence | Alice Oseman

29075524Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, LGBT, Fiction

It is impossible to put this book down when the characters are so adorable. Although, the story is a little heavy, exploring the struggle teenagers have when leaving education, the characters relationships with another make this novel addictive. I managed to read this story in an afternoon, falling in love with the platonic relationship between the protagonists and the journey they make to accepting their sexuality. The narrative is easy enough to immerse you into the story immediately, and again, the short chapters make this a perfect lazy afternoon read. Everything about this story was flawless to me, and will definitely be a story I’ll recommend over and over again.

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My Review here.


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