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Top Five Tuesday | Best reads of 2018 so far

Considering it’s now nearly mid-way through June, I thought I’d spend this week reflecting on some of my favourite books I’ve read so far this year. I’ve currently read 29 books since January, so there’s quite a few high rated ones to choose from. However, I think I’m happy enough with my decisions.

The Raven King | Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven KingGenre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Paranormal
Contains: Strong Language, Blood/Gore, Violence, Death, Mentions of Abuse.

I read this book in January and it was an automatic favourite read of all-time. I began reading this series late last year and immediately fell in love with the characters and story. Although, this final book left a lot of questions unanswered, the climax and development of the characters was the main reason for my love for this story. The relationship between the protagonist and the gang was perfect, and Adam and Ronan’s eventual established relationship was beautiful to read.

Dear Future Historians: Lyrics and Exegesis of Rou Reynolds for the music of Enter Shikari | Rou Reynolds

Dear Future HistoriansGenre: Nonfiction, Music
Contains: Strong Language

I received this book for Christmas, having wanted it for ages as I’ve been a huge Enter Shikari fan for years. Having the opportunity to read about the thought processes Rou Reynolds went through while writing the songs was an amazing experience, one I wish every band did, and it was great to compare my own interpretations to the real song meanings. It was lovely to read of there being similar ones for some of my favourite songs. Plus, I followed a recommendation to listen to the albums while making my way through the chapters, which was a great decision; it made me understand the music so much more.

Stalking Jack The Ripper | Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack The RipperGenre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Mystery, Historical, Horror
Contains: Death, Violence, Blood/Gore, Mental Illness

This book was an incredible read. I love reading anything regarding serial killers and the idea of there being the story told from a teenagers point of view was already going to be an automatic favourite. The protagonist, Audrey, is such a strong woman, taking no nonsense from any of the other characters and is determined to solve the infamous case by her self, regardless of Thomas’s input. She’s an incredible character and has since become one of my favourites to read about.

Starfish | Akemi Dawn Bowman

38721121Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Fiction, Mental Health, Realistic Fiction, Romance
Contains: Mental Illness, Sexual Assault, Depression/Anxiety, Anger, Racism, Attempted Suicide, Emotional Abuse

I received this book from Netgalley a few months ago and read it in one sitting that day. It’s a beautifully empowering story of a teenager’s journey to escaping a troubled childhood, and one I fell in love with immediately. ‘Starfish’ explores difficult themes in such an easy way, managing to explore the struggles and resolutions without triggering those who may relate to the protagonist. It’s a beautifully inspiring story with an incredible message of courage for those in need.

The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One | Amanda Lovelace

THe Witch doesn't burn In this oneGenre: Poetry, Feminism, Mental Health, Witches
Contains: Child Abuse, Abuse, Sexual Assault, Mental Illness, Trauma, Death, Violence, Fire, Transphobia, Body Image

Amanda Lovelace’s poetry is some of my favourites, and I picked this book up the day it was released earlier this year. This collection was even more incredible than the first, being full of beautiful poems of self-worth that inspired and motivated my own self-care journey. The poems within are ones I return to constantly, never failing to helping lift me up and improve.



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