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Character of the Month (June ’18) | Prompto Argentum

Although, this post is a little late, I’ve still managed to get it done just before the last week of the month, so a small improvement! I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s character to one of my all-time favourite video game characters. Gaming is one of the main activities I’ve done this month, finding it calming and falling in love with all the characters along the way. However, one in particular has a special place in my heart. 

Prompto Argentum | Final Fantasy XV

186c2b70633d53f65258ed133e32cf7aThe first time I played Final Fantasy XV, I didn’t really like Prompto’s character that much. His lighthearted jokes and enthusiasm for the trip irked me slightly, I didn’t understand his character. However, as the game progressed, Prompto began to grow on me, and soon began one of my all-time favourite fictional characters.

One of the main reasons why I adore Prompto’s character so much is his incredible history. Prompto used to be this adorable, tubby child, his parents whereabouts unknown meaning he was left to his own devices and had to feed himself. However, his determined personality soon meant he began to diet and exercise, becoming the slender young man we know in the game from high school onwards. This level of motivation and determination to change his eating habits and feel comfortable in his own skin is extremely inspiring to me. Prompto recognised what made him unhappy with himself and made a strict decision to change it… and it worked.

Within the game, although, Prompto may not still be the awkward young boy we learn about, he is still fairly insecure. During a conversation with Noctis one evening, players learn of Prompto’s inner turmoil and has the opportunity to answer and comfort the man. He feels unworthy to be a part of their group, being alongside people who are trained to serve the Prince, and Noctis is given the chance to reassure him of his self-worth. This representation of insecurity is one I’m deeply thankful for. In Prompto’s character, his constant inner battle to prove himself is not glorified in the slightest; it’s not used as a quirky personality trait for one of their characters. Prompto’s battle is shown as one of his flaws, revealed within the game and is made to be Noctis’ mission to convince his friend to see himself differently. Although, I’m not entirely convinced it works, I’m thankful for this side of Prompto’s character to be known to players, showing the humanity of the characters and those who may resonate with him.

However, Prompto is also known to be a pretty strong and badass character. In one of the game’s DLCs, players have the opportunity to play as Prompto during a certain experience he suffers within the main story-line. Although, it’s known to be a heart-wrenching moment, we learn of his inner strength and ability to cope alone without his other companions security. After discovering his past and the truth of his barcode, Prompto breaks down. In that situation, he shoots his ‘father’ in a moment of distress. However, he then forces himself to escape the facility, regardless of how overwhelming the moment was. This strength and capability to continue regardless of the struggles he’s facing is amazing to witness. Prompto’s fun-loving character is shown to have a completely new side of him, and I adore that side so much.

Who is Prompto Argentum?

  • Party member in Final Fantasy XV and companion of Prince Noctis.
  • Wields firearms, and when not in battle, is known for having an interest in photography.
  • A young man of average height and slender build, who’s appearance gives the impression of a youthful punk. His vest has various tags, and the one below the collar reads: “it’s a beautiful day, now watch some bastard mess it up.” The back of his waistcoat reads “DEADORALIVE” and the middle tag resembles the Harley-Davidson Motor Company logo.
  • Prompto has multiple skull motifs to his outfit, alike all his companions. His jacket has skulls for buttons, a belt buckle in a similar shape and another skull on the tag of his trousers.
  • Concealed by a wristband, he has a barcode (05953234) which marks him as being born as a clone for Niflheim’s magitek infantry; an army of robotic soldiers known as the villains of the game.
  • Known as playful, upbeat and kind-hearted. However, being from a different social status to his friends, he feels inferior yet tries his hardest to be useful.
  • Throughout the game, he mimics old song lyrics, lines from previous Final Fantasy games, pop culture references and breaks the fourth wall. He has also been known to sing ‘Victory Fanfare’, a piece of music from the Final Fantasy games after a battle is won.
  • Met best friend, Noctis, during school as a child, yet after an incident where he commented on his weight, he didn’t approach him again until a teen. During this time, he began dieting and taking photos to track his progress.
  • At twenty-years-old, Prompto accompanies Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis on a road trip for Noctis to marry Luna in a peace treaty.
  • Prompto is a latin world, from which “prompt” is derived from, meaning Prompto may mean “For the ready [man]”. Argentum means “silver” in latin. This means his name may have been an attempt to translate “quicksilver”, suitable for his choice of arsenal.

Note: Prompto Argentum is voiced by Robbie Daymond in Final Fantasy XV.

Prompto Argentum Aesthetic.jpg

Favourite Quotes

“My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted was friends. But no one ever wanted me back. So when I finally found people who did want me, I did everything I could to make them stay. And ever since then, I’ve lived my life in fear: That one day, they’d find who I really was… and they wouldn’t want me anymore.”
Episode Prompto DLC

[Singing] “I want to ride my Chocobo al-ll daaay!”
Ignis: “Ugh.”
Prompto: “What? Can’t get it out of my head!
Final Fantasy XV

Noctis: “Ignis! No, wait, Prompto!”
Prompto: “What? Where? Who?”

Final Fantasy XV (In Battle) 

Gladio: “What The monsters got you scared?”
Prompto: “Nah, monsters don’t scare me. I ride with one every day.” 

Gladio: “You wanna run that by me again?” 
Final Fantasy XV

[After Noctis hides in a bin] “The Prince of Garbage!”
Noctis: “Can it!” 

Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival


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