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Top Five Tuesday | Favourite Character Names (Male)

I adore characters. I have the tendency to become attached to characters the moment I read their names, so I thought I’d dedicate this week to some of my favourite male character names. Some may be protagonists, some antagonists, but I love their names too much to dislike them regardless. 

Ronan Lynch | The Raven Cycle

Credit to Artist. (Click Image)

There’s no doubt about it that this name simply screams badass. It’s no secret that I love Ronan, with his snarky dialogue and unique choices in pets. However, what initially drew me into his complex character was his name. It rolls off the tongue so sourly, that you can’t help but picture this skinhead-biker-boy with a natural frown on his face. It’s perfect for him.




Gabriel Boutin | Half Bad Trilogy

Credit to Artist. (Click Image)

This name is so beautifully elegant. Gabriel’s character is Nathan’s protector throughout the majority of the trilogy, making this name and its meaning perfect for him. With uses of the name in France, it was only fitting for this character to have a french name, followed by such beautiful connotations of religion. Gabriel is a mature, strong character, and by using a masculine name, it ensures this.




Eydon | The Smoke Thieves

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce this name. (Eye-Don?) However, it simply looks nice on the page. Having a novel set in a medieval fantasy world, it’s not uncommon to see complex names that may appear unpronounceable; however, it’s all part of the world of fantasy. It makes it seem more realistic, and this name fulfils that. Eydon’s character is someone who comes from a poor background before discovering his true identity, and this name has connotations to me of both worlds, which makes it so suited for the role.

Draco Malfoy | Harry Potter Series

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This character’s name is one I’ve adored since I was a child. I mean, it sounds so cool. With an antagonist, having an off-putting, almost edgy name seems to be common with young adult and children’s literature, and Draco Malfoy is no exception. Plus, having a young wizard with a dark, magical meaning to their name is so clever and fitting. I love it.





Kaz Brekker | Six of Crows Duology

Credit to Artist. (Click Image)

By now, I’m sure you can all guess the fact that I have a thing for male badasses. The name Kaz stood out to me the moment I read the blurb of Six of Crows; I mean, how could anyone put down a book with such an interesting name for its main character? Throughout the series, Kaz is a mysterious, untouchable character, and this name simply screams dangerous to me.






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