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June ’18 | Wrap Up

This month I’ve finally felt motivated enough to return to my blog and invest myself in creating content properly. Although, I haven’t read as much as I originally planned to, I feel as if I’ve managed to involve myself more in this blog in other ways. Hopefully, things will gradually improve with reading again in July though; things have been a little hectic recently. 

Outside the world of blogging…

Although, things have been restless, I haven’t really achieved as much compared to past months. For the first time this month I haven’t attended a concert, which is something I usually talk about, and I haven’t been able to go to the cinema or anything either. Nevertheless, this month I’ve:

  • As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve recently finished my Bachelors in Creative and Professional Writing. However, this month I found out that I passed with a Higher 2:1! It’s been such a stressful year so far, so it was amazing to discover that I still managed to achieve the grade I was hoping for, meaning I’ll be able to progress onto my Masters in the autumn. Although, I’m finding myself a little lost without any assignments to do at the minute, I’m sure I’ll regret that statement in September.
  • Following on from the previous point, I attended a postgraduate event with the university I’m going to be studying at. Although, I’m a little nervous about moving away and living in student accommodation, it was a really positive experience. The lecturer I spoke to was incredibly enthusiastic about the course and the university itself is in such a beautiful location. There’s no doubt I’ll find a lot of inspiration there!
  • For the past ten months I’ve had a voluntary placement where I’d assist a lead writer in leading creative writing sessions for young people, and this month was my last session with my group. I’ve learnt so much about teaching and writing in general while helping with these sessions and the people were all so lovely and welcoming. I’m really going to miss them, but the lead writer said I should consider applying to lead my own after my MA! As someone who isn’t particularly confident in my abilities, that made me so happy to hear.

My June Reading Goals

My June reading goals were pretty ambitious considering I haven’t been motivated to read recently. However, I managed to stick to it and read four books out of the total seven, which I’m pretty happy with. My July goals are going to consist of two different reading lists, so hopefully if I break it down it’ll be more achievable.

Total Pages Read: 1,290
Current Goodreads Progress: 32/50 (64%) 8 ahead of schedule
Male Authors: 0
Female Authors: 4
Genres Read: Poetry, Feminism, Nonfiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Retellings, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, LGBT, Medieval
Triggers Found: Death, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Abuse, Violence, Anger, Strong Language, Blood/Gore, Anxiety, Nudity, Torture

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Top Five Tuesday

One of my main goals this month was to post a new top five on time every week, which I finally managed to do! Although, it was a little struggling at times to think of something fun and interesting to talk about, I still found it really fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to continue it!

Character of the Month

This month’s character is one I’ve been planning for a while now. Although, he’s not a book character, Prompto is one of my all-time favourite fictional characters and I couldn’t not mention him in my blog somewhere.

Telling Tales

I managed one of these posts this month, after spending a really fun day with my friend Dougie over at Second Star To The Right. We ended up going shopping and I found quite a few books deals!


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