Review: Noah Could Never | Simon James Green

This review contains spoilers.

38117293“Sometimes we all make mistakes. But the biggest one you appear to be making right now is believing you’re not worthy. He likes you, Noah. He’s told you that. Why would he lie?” 

Series: Noah Can’t Even
Published: 2018, by Scholastic.
Pages: 403
Format: Paperback
Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Contains: Strong Language, Crude Humour, Alcohol

‘Noah Could Never’ is the sequel to Noah Can’t Even released in 2017. Noah Grimes’s story continues, battling his inner insecurities while attempting to maintain his committed relationship with boyfriend, Harry. Each student is assignment a French exchange student, and while Harry is paired with the dreamy, Pierre, Noah is stuck with Eva, a German girl who refuses to acknowledge his existence. Convinced Pierre is attempting to woo Harry, Noah’s world spins into turmoil.

This sequel was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, having carved a special place in my heart for Noah Grimes, and I was definitely not disappointed.

Noah Grimes’s way of thinking is pure drama; Everything that happens in his life seems to immediately spiral out of control. While planning a couples activity with Harry, he had to decide on a pet that they definitely had no time to look after. When deciding to visit the gym and maintain a healthier lifestyle, he finds himself in a pyramid scheme. After finally retrieving his grandmothers beloved jewels, a goose eats them. Nothing about Noah Grimes is predictable, and I love that so much. His world is hilarious, and this book is the perfect lighthearted read after a long day.

However, Noah wouldn’t be complete without the wonderful Harry. Harry and Noah’s relationship blossoms beautifully in this novel, exploring their now established relationship in an awkward-but-believable way. Noah’s uneducated on relationships, yet desperately tries to get Harry’s attention, not realising he already has it undivided. Within this novel, his insecurities have the tendency to prevent them from taking their relationship further, but Green’s brilliant narration explored this in a believable and understandable way. Teenagers exploring their sexuality is awkward, it is uneducated, so Noah’s responses to romantic advanced aren’t unprovoked. I loved that, seeing my own suppressed memories of my teenage years in him.

‘Noah Could Never’ introduces a few new characters, the exchange students, and they’re welcome with open arms. Pierre’s flirty comments and innuendos throughout the book had me grinning, while Eva’s complete disinterest made me release physical giggles. Their characters are the opposite of our protagonists, making it interesting to read how they interacted with another.

Overall, I adored this book. The easy, fast-paced writing style made it the perfect evening read, lifting my spirits and reminding me of just how much I love Noah Grimes.



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