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July ’18 | Unrelated Favourites

This month is pretty similar to June’s considering I’ve not spent much time at home or by myself to indulge in my other interests. However, there’s a few add-ons and progressions with the things I repeat, so it shouldn’t completely be the same! I haven’t been as invested in movies and television again, having spent the majority of my free-time preparing for YALC by reading. But I’m hoping to return to my Netflix shows in August and September. 



Incredibles 2
I have been dying to watch this movie since the sequel was first announced, having adored the original. My family and I went to see it for my Mom’s birthday a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love. Everything about this film is amazing, there not being a single thing I didn’t like about it. Personally, I thought it was better than the first. 


Peaky Blinders
I know this was mentioned in June’s Unrelated Favourites, however, this time I’m technically talking about Series 2. I’m just about to begin Series 3 and I’m admittedly addicted; the characters are just so perfect. Plus, Tom Hardy’s character is so scary and interesting that anytime his photo turns up in the thumbnail, I have no choice but to continue watching!

JackSepticEye’s YouTube Channel
Okay, so I know this technically doesn’t count as TV, but the videos are in parts, so it kinda counts. I’ve been a fan of his videos for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve been a more devoted viewer. I struggle with insomnia quite a lot, meaning that during long nights my anxiety tends to spark up. However, I’ve recently began to watch a lot of his playthroughs of various games during those nights, which makes them go a lot quicker and calmer!



This one is another repeated entry, but recently I’ve been trying to play as a few more characters than who I usually would. I mostly play as D.Va or Moira, feeling comfortable with those characters. However, it can get boring after a while, so I’ve been exploring with Mercy, McCree and Sombra a lot more. It’s difficult, but still as fun!


Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity
This album is definitely one of my favourite releases of the year. Earlier this month, I travelled to Disneyland Paris via Eurostar, and listened to it all on repeat for the entire journey. It’s so different to all their previous albums, but I’m loving the change. Plus, the album cover is gorgeous.

I try to go on walks a few times a day, ensuring I’m getting out the house and keeping my mental health in check, and recently this is the album I’ve been listening to. I’ve been a fan of DNCE for a while now, but I tend to have periods where I’d listen to their music. Right now, I definitely seem to be in the middle of one; their songs are just so fun… especially at four am while walking to the beat.


Killstar’s Phased Out Denim Vest
I received this from my family as a birthday present, having fallen in love with it on Killstar’s website after the collection’s launch. I adore anything kinda witchy, and this was an immediate want. It’s so comfortable, fits perfectly, and was great to wear during the recent heatwave.

Loungefly’s Captain America Small Bag
This was my favourite purchase while on my holidays to Disneyland Paris. As it was the ‘Summer of Superheroes’, there was quite a lot of Marvel merchandise available. I have looked at a few of Loungefly’s bags before, loving their Marvel’s Loki and Disney villains range, but as soon as I spotted this Captain America themed one, I knew I had to own it. It’s adorable. Plus, when I met Captain America, he seemed to like it too. 

Donald Duck Ufufy 
This was another Disneyland Paris purchase, having become attached after realising just how cuddly the toy was. Since bringing it home, there has been many occasions where I’d settle on the sofa or bed cuddling, it doing wonders for my anxiety. I even brought it along on my YALC trip to cuddle in the hotel room! I definitely recommend it to anyone with similar struggles.



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