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August ’18 | Wrap Up

I was hoping August would be a little more productive blog wise, having plans for more rambles and manage a full month streak with my Top Five Tuesday’s. However, due to my mental health this hasn’t been possible. In all honesty, I think this might be the least productive I’ve been all year, which is annoying considering I return to university in September. I’ll try and work on my blog as much as possible, but my Masters will obviously be my priority. 

Outside the world of blogging…

Although, I’ve said that my mental health has suffered a little recently, leaving me with very little time/motivation to sit and read. I’ve still managed to have a few days that have made me smile though. So, this month I’ve:

  • I went to the Real Bodies exhibition at my nearest convention centre. I remember visiting a convention like it when I was a lot younger, and although it made me uncomfortable initially, I adjusted and loved every minute of this. This time I already knew what I was expecting and loved it from the moment I entered. It was a little different this time, the exhibits no longer being encased in cabinets, meaning I was able to get a lot closer to them, which was incredibly fascinating to see! For those uninformed, I won’t go into any details in case it upsets anyone (the exhibition features preserved human bodies), check out the link to their website here.
  • I attended a Pride event nearby and got to see one of my favourite artists as a child live there; the Cheeky Girls. Although, they weren’t as great as I remembered when I was younger, having always had them playing on my cassette player, it was still a great day. It had been a few years since attending Pride before then, so it was great to be within a bright community again and realising just how worthy I am in the midst of depression.
  • I went back to Disneyland Paris for a few days! Yep, I headed back to my favourite place on earth again, but this time to watch my younger sister’s dance school perform. It was incredible to see her dance in such a popular place, especially as there were many people within the audience with no personal connection to those onstage; everyone seemed to love it! Plus, I managed to gather the confidence to have my photo taken with a few Disney characters too, so overall a pretty amazing week.
  • I finally went to a Butterfly Farm! It’s always been something that I’ve drove past and promised myself I’ll look into when I got home, but it’s never something that I’ve set out to do. But, I finally did it and although, it was a little traumatic at times, mostly because of the trodden butterflies and a huge Iguana for some reason, it was still a beautiful experience!

My August Reading Goals

As mentioned earlier, I’ve disappointed myself in my reading goals this month, not managing to complete as many as I’d planned. After the success of July, I’d hoped I’d continue the streak and manage a lot of reading (and writing) throughout August before moving away in September. I failed, spectacularly at that.

Total Pages Read: 1,147
Current Goodreads Progress: 42/50 (84%) 9 ahead of schedule
Male Authors: 1
Female Authors: 3
Genres Read: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Witches, LGBT, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Short Stories
Triggers Found: Strong Language, Blood/Gore, Drowning, Kidnapping, Death, Alcohol, Implied Sexual Content, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Child Abuse, Abuse, Arson

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Top Five Tuesday

I feel as if I’ve been stating the same thing, but I’m so disappointed in myself! I’ve only managed to one week, completing forgetting the date and every time Tuesday around I didn’t feel up to writing something. However, I’m investing in a new diary this month, so I’ll be sure to plan my blog a little better and get organised.

Character of the Month

This month’s post was late, but it was incredibly fun to reminisce and talk about one of my favourite childhood characters. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to the series as a whole soon!

Telling Tales

Surprisingly, I’ve actually managed to fit in one of these posts at the beginning of this month, being tagged in a really fun book tag about myself as a blogger. It was difficult to thing of things to talk about, but afterwards I realised that I’m not as boring as I first thought!


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