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November ’18 | Wrap Up

Firstly, I’d just like to apologise for how late this post is, but I’ve felt unable to blog until now. This past month I’ve not been as active on this blog as much as I’d have liked. My health has suffered slightly recently, meaning I’ve hardly been motivated to do much outside of this blog, let alone with the content I create. Unfortunately, this means I’ve not made much progress with reading either. But no matter! December is a new month and I’m going to try my hardest to get back into the swing of things again.

Outside the world of blogging…

Although, I stated that I’ve not made much progress with things all-round, I’ve still managed a few exciting events. So, this month:

  • I went to see JackSepticEye’s show How Did We Get Here? which was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, especially considering I couldn’t find any information on what the show would entail online, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Here’s a little review I wrote on the night.
  • I decided to leave postgraduate study to concentrate on my health. Although, I love education, I came to the realisation that it was affecting my mental and physical state badly, so I decided to leave university and head home. It was a pretty tough decision to make, and I will go into more detail over on my lifestyle blog, but I think I made the right choice.
  • As mentioned above, I’ve made a second blog! I’ve been meaning to create a lifestyle blog for a while, wanting to explore other sides of my life apart from books and have an outlet for my thoughts and blogging seemed to be the right choice. Although, there’s not much on it at the moment, feel free to check it out here for future posts on all things outside of the literary world. Also, I’ve decided starting 2019, I’m going to be moving my ‘Unrelated Favourites’ segment of this blog over there too, where it’ll be more suited.
  • I went to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald… three times! I’m a huge fan of all things the Wizarding World, so naturally this film was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. There are a few timeline irregularities with it, but regardless it still brings me so much joy. original
  • I went to see Bring Me The Horizon live! It’s been a few years since their last tour, so I was so excited when they announced new music and shows again. As expected, they were just as amazing as I remembered.

My November Reading Goals

As expected, with everything that happened regarding university and my health, I haven’t felt very motivated with my reading, meaning a lot of my goals weren’t met this month. Although, I managed to read a little, only two books were taken from my To Read list.

Total Pages Read: 776
Current Goodreads Progress: 52/50 (104%) 6 books ahead of schedule. Reading Challenge completed.  
Male Authors: 0
Female Authors: 3
Genres Read: Poetry, Feminism, Nonfiction, Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT, Fantasy, Health, Mental Health, Fiction, Screenplays
Triggers Found: Intimate Partner abuse, Domestic Abuse, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Self-Injury, Cheating, Alcohol, Religion, Death, Blood/Gore, Fire, Violence, Anger, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Psychiatric Hospitals

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Character of the Month

November’s character was one I’d planned since the announcement of the film’s release date. Newt Scamander is simply impossible not to love, so naturally I had to dedicate this month to him. His journey is just a joy to follow.


4 thoughts on “November ’18 | Wrap Up

  1. I hope you’re doing better! The Wicker King and To Make Monsters Out of Girls are on my TBR! Glad to see you rated them so high. Newt is a favourite of mine too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! Ah, that’s awesome, I really hope you’ll enjoy them. Yes, Newt is such an adorable character, I’m so happy we can follow his journey ^-^


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