Review: Plastic Sucks! You Can Make A Difference | Dougie Poynter

This review is spoiler free.

43162619._sx318_“I’ve talked to people who’ve founded charities and people who have started businesses, as well as bloggers and scientists, who all have the same goal – to help protect the environment. And they all agree that…
that’s where YOU come in.” 

Published: 2019, by Pan Macmillan.
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Genre: Nonfiction, Science, Childrens
Contains: No warnings.

‘Plastic Sucks! You Can Make A Difference’ is an inspiring guide aimed at children to show how we can make a difference and help save the planet. Written by musician and environmental activist Dougie Poynter, this book shows how we can get involved in the mission to cut out single-use plastic.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dougie Poynter and his music career since I was young, so there was nothing surprising about the fact that I was going to get involved with this book and its tour. This book was everything I was expecting and more.

Although, aimed at a younger audience, I still found it an incredibly educational and enjoyable read. The language throughout is very kid-friendly, with information and tips to help protect the planet at a level  that they can get involved in and understand. Personally, I also found it extremely eye opening.
With heaps of information, it’s not difficult to get quite overwhelmed, yet this book thoroughly planned in advance, by dotting the statistics, interviews and facts throughout the book in bite-size chunks. Accompanied with humour to keep the target audience engaged long enough to absorb the content, it was very cleverly done.

The book itself is a beautifully bright green colour, with decorated pages throughout. The illustrations are attention-grabbing accompanied by adorable drawings of the author dotted amongst the pages. Perfect for younger readers to remain interested in the subject matter.

Overall, I deeply enjoyed this little read. It was entertaining, educational and with a gorgeous cover to match. Perfect for children, but I also think those older can learn a thing or two from reading it.



What’s your favourite educational read?


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