Review: Charmcaster | Sebastien de Castell

This review is spoiler free.

36302416._sy475_“Dwelling on all the bad things that didn’t even come to pass only makes it harder to celebrate that fact. Stop being so scared about yesterday – it only makes you forget to appreciate today.”

Series: Spellslinger
Published: 2018, by Hot Key Books.
Pages: 417
Format: Hardback
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic
Contains: Death, Murder, Violence, Blood/Gore, Kidnapping, Threats

‘Charmcaster’ follows protagonist Kellen’s story as he continues his journey as an outlaw mage. But with Argosi, Ferius Parfax, and squirrel cat, Reichis, at his side, they’re bound to fall into trouble.

I deeply enjoyed the first two instalments of the Spellslinger series, however, this novel took it to a whole new level. My love for this series knows no bounds, it just keeps getting better and better.

Kellen as a protagonist just keeps developing beautifully, maturing with every instalment and his relationship with the other characters simply keeps growing. The language between the characters and the narrative itself continues to develop, progressing the story further whilst the bickering dialogue and humorous anecdotes keeps you entertained and gripped.
Reichis and Ferius continue to be the highlights of the novel for me, with their badass styles and entertaining dialogue as they continue on their paths alongside the protagonist. We learn more about Ferius in this instalment, her history and potential future highlighted further in Kellen’s eyes, and yet that only makes me love her more. Whereas Reichis simply continues to be the quick-to-anger squirrel cat we know and love.
The trio as a whole have better dynamics between them by this point in the series, and you begin to see them work together and individually, which was deeply enjoyable to witness.

The language itself is easy to follow and as entertaining as ever, as told from the point of view of young and learning Kellen. The chapters are short, making for an easier and engaging read. In this instalment, the stakes are raised higher, packing more of a punch to the gut when things begin to go downhill with the trio, however, it’s a powerful read that you just can’t stop from continuing. The world itself has developed, blossoming into a more darker world than previous, yet that only manages to draw you in further, especially whilst seeing it through the eyes of Kellen.

Overall, I love this series. It’s entertaining, gripping, and the cover makes another gorgeous addition to my bookshelves.



Who is your favourite character in the Spellslinger series?


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