Review: Lord Loss | Darren Shan

This review is spoiler free.

25513813“But you’re like me,” he says. “An outsider. Different. A freak. We’re both weird, which is why we get along.” 

Series: The Demonata
Published: 2013, by HarperCollins Children’s Books.
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Paranormal
Contains: Death, Murder, Violence, Blood/Gore, Anger, Strong Language

‘Lord Loss’ is the first instalment of The Demonata series, by bestselling horror writer, Darren Shan. It tells the story of Grubbs Grady, following the death of his family by Lord Loss and his evil minions. No one will believe him, assuming he’d fallen into shock, but is ensured that he’d never experience something that traumatic ever again. They say he’s safe, but they’re wrong.

I’ve been a huge fan of Darren Shan’s works since I was a child, and after receiving The Demonata box-set for Christmas, I felt as if it was about time I delved back into my childhood and returned to the world of Grubbs Grady and Lord Loss. It was just as entertaining as I remember.

Grubbs Grady is an interesting protagonist. At the beginning, you feel very little sympathy for him, after being repeatedly reminded of how much of a trouble maker he is. However, the further we progress through the story,  the more we begin to generate protectiveness over him. He develops as a character, after experiencing intense levels of trauma. Shan is notoriously known for his talent for writing mentor relationships, which he doesn’t shy away from in this novel, making you feel for the characters and their relationship. Although, there are humorous moments, with Shan’s talent for dialogue and giggle-worthy events.
Every character in this instalment has an interesting factor about them, whether it be their passions, language, or their names. This book is full of fascinating names for its characters, even the name Billy has a different spelling to make them a little more suited to the unique tale!

Told in the first person, ‘Lord Loss’ explores the traumatic life of Grubbs Grady through snappy sentences from the inside of his mind. It’s difficult not to gradually empathise with him as the story progresses, while the exciting plot continues to entice you further into the book. Before you know it, the tale is over and you’re itching to pick up the next.

Overall, ‘Lord Loss’ was an exciting read. The characters are entertaining, the terrifying plot draws you further in and the general creepiness is impossible not to love.



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