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Top Five Tuesday | Favourite F/M Couples in fiction

It’s been a while since I’ve had the motivation to write another Top Five Tuesday, but considering this week is Valentines Day, it’s given me the inspiration needed to finally write this post. A few years ago, I wrote a post along similar lines of my Favourite M/M Couples in YA, but this year I decided to broaden the subject slightly to make things a little easier.

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks | The Harry Potter Series

nymphadoratonks_wb_f6_nymphadoratonksandremuslupinpromoshot_promo_080615_portI can’t write this list without starting with one of my favourite fictional couples of all time. Lupin and Tonks were a beautiful tragedy in the series, having to overcome so much hatred and pain to be together. They deserved so much better, and although, they had their disagreements and problems, they came together in the end to overcome a higher power to make the world a better place for their child. They’re an incredibly underrated couple within the series, and I love everything about them.

Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell | The Stalking Jack the Ripper Series

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Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell are personally one of my favourite couples across YA Fiction, namely because of their pure adoration for each other. Although, this was an arguably slow burn romance, they become closer across the four books and I fell hard for their antics. Thomas’s pure adoration for Audrey Rose was beautiful, and an incredibly addictive page turner. Just reading him say her name was enough to project his love for her across the pages. If the Victorian Era wasn’t enough to lure you into the series, the spark and respect these two have for another is. They’re just perfection.

Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan | The Great Gatsby

2be75d18a5ecc777d1cfef2595e1579fNow, this may appear to be an unusual choice, considering their relationship can’t be classed as healthy, but their tragic love story is one I’ve held very dear to me for an extremely long time. Their love was doomed from the start, but as Gatsby’s obsession began to dawn over them, his devotion for her takes over his life. However, his adoration for her never wavers, even after they eventually reunite and he realises it wasn’t as perfect as he believed it would be. Although, she is arguably a well-despised character in literature, I truly do believe there was a time where Daisy did love Gatsby, even if it was short lived.

Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein | The Fantastic Beasts Series

6b2774c59fdb9f531e018a53c4a8f096As anyone who follows this blog will know, my love knows no bounds for this series; I adore it. So, naturally when it comes to this list, one of which has to be dedicated to my favourite fictional couple from the franchise. The pair understand each other on a level that not many of those around them do, and its instances throughout the series where we discover them coming out of their shells around another. They bounce off each other perfectly. Tina appears stand-offish at the beginning of the series, yet gradually melts around Newt whilst he overcomes his socially awkwardness around her. It’s the perfect love story and I just love them both a lot, okay?

Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma | The Fruits Basket Series

tumblr_mho4n3bvk51qjyc8co2_400Originally, I wasn’t going to include this couple, deciding to leave them a little later on, but I simply couldn’t miss them out. Their romance is nothing short of beautiful. Kyo lived his life prior to meeting Tohru in depression, being blamed for everything and forced to live in shame. However, upon meeting the girl with a heart of gold, Tohru, he finally meets someone who respects him; I mean, she’s his number one fan! Although, he can’t keep his emotions in check around her at first, the development of his character towards the end of the series is wonderful to see. He’s no longer angry, Tohru managing to warm his heart and become protective over her.



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