Review: Spark | Alice Broadway

This review is spoiler free.

38091303“We need you in battle. You are the spark that will ignite the powder. We need you on our side through the fire.” 

Series: The Skin Books
Published: 2018, by Scholastic Fiction.
Pages: 344
Format: Paperback
Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia
Contains: Murder, Anger, Violence, Death, Blood/Gore.

‘Spark’ continues the tale of Leora Flint, a half-marked and half-blank teenager questioning everything she has ever known about her family and herself. Mayor Longsight wants to use her as a weapon, but Leora simple longs for answers about her mysterious birth mother.

This sequel is one of those that I couldn’t quite bring myself to be excited for, knowing that a second novel in a trilogy is often the less exciting before the epic conclusion. However, this series simply keeps getting better and better.

Leora Flint is quite possibly one of my favourite YA protagonists. I adore her strong-will, her dedication and passion for her home. She’s very easy to route for, hardly ever making any unnecessary mistakes and owns up to her faults throughout the novel. In this instalment, she learns of the lies she’s told of blanks, and rather than turning her nose up in disgust, she’s open to their world, finding home there almost immediately.
Gull, a resident in Featherstone, is another character who you can’t help but adore. She’s full of childlike wonder, and is one of the only characters to embrace Leora and her marks. She embraces her own heritage, and their relationship sparks from the start. I’m desperately hoping for more of her in the future.
Fenn was another loved character, regardless of his standoffish nature. He was the opposite of Gull, cold and distant towards those marked as his hatred shined through the pages. However, it was refreshing to have someone of that nature, the vast majority more accepting of Leora. He seems to have so much history, and I’m excited to learn more of him as the story progresses.

The novel itself is incredibly fast-paced, Broadway’s talent for narrative leading you through the story and giving out information and action from beginning to end. It made for a perfect one sitting read, managing to fly through the story and entice you further with Broadway’s description. The climax of the novel sets up the next instalment perfectly, leaving you with just the right amount of questions to keep you intrigued.

Overall, I deeply enjoyed this story. The cursed middle novel has been broken with this series, emphasising Broadway’s talents and setting up the next book to be a grand finale. I can’t wait.



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