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August ’20 | Wrap Up

This month I’ve approached a few things which I’ve let drop recently, picking up on the occasional fallen segments of this blog and trying my hardest to beat my reading challenge. It’s been difficult, having had quite a busy schedule recently, but I can say with confidence that I’ve managed to overcome a few obstacles and come out with a more positive insight on things.

Outside the world of blogging…

As mentioned above, I’ve been trying my hardest to beat my reading challenge, and even though it’s been difficult I’ve accomplished quite a lot. Outside of that, however, things have been quite busy. This month I’ve:

  • Completed my Customer Service course that I started a few months ago. It was difficult, the subject matter was simple but finding the time and energy to dedicate to it was the challenging part. Nevertheless, I managed to complete all my deadlines on time and now I’m free. I am missing the distraction a little nowadays though.
  • Attended a birthday party for the first time since I was a child. I don’t usually get invited to gatherings such as these, but it was my boyfriend’s nephew’s birthday this month and his family invited me to the party. It was such a wonderful afternoon and I really enjoyed interacting with my boyfriend’s family. It was also adorable to watch his nephew celebrating!
  • Approached my eating disorder in a new, healthier way. I no longer allowed my eating disorder to take over my life, deciding to fight it head on and have began making more positive steps towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. As of today, I have also picked up dinner foods from the supermarket, having not eaten them since I was discharged from hospital last year.
  • Managed to get a job! I had an interview earlier this month to work for the NHS and the day after I received a call stating that I was the best candidate “by far”, my smile was infectious, and I got the job. I haven’t started yet, still waiting for checks to go through, but fingers crossed it’ll only be a few more weeks until I can start. Things are looking up!

My August Reading Goals

I’ve tried to approach my reading a little differently this month, listening to more audio-books and trying to motivate myself to read during times where I’d usually wallow in my mental health issues. Thankfully, the distraction has worked and I’ve managed to read a steady amount this month.

Total Pages Read: 995 (+10hrs 8mins)
Current Goodreads Progress: 59/65 (91%) 16 books ahead of schedule. 
Male Authors: 0
Female Authors: 4
Genres Read: Young Adult, Contemporary, Feminism, Fiction, Romance, Womens Lit, Chick Lit, Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Poetry, Nonfiction, Retellings, Contemporary, Mental Health, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Self Help
Triggers Found: Strong Language, Sexual Content, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Eating Disorders, Sexual Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol, Prison, Domestic Abuse. Abuse, Violence, Murder, Death, Rape, Sexual Assault, Blood/Gore, Child Abuse, Toxic Friendships, Toxic Romantic Relationships, Sexual Harassment, Eating Disorders, Fatphobia, Suicide, Trauma

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Top Five Tuesday

Character of the Month

Telling Tales


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