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Top Five Tuesday | Books to pull you out of a Reading Slump

This post has been quite a long time coming, having been stuck in a Reading Slump for a few months now but there’s been a few books that have motivated me to pick up another. Here’s my list of Top Five books I’ve read this year that have helped keep me motivated to beat my Goodreads Reading Challenge!

Shatter Me | Tahereh Mafi

Goodreads Rating: 3.95
Series: Shatter Me
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy
Contains: Death, Murder, Violence, Torture, Grief, Blood/Gore, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Trauma, Kidnapping, Threats, War

‘Shatter Me’ tells the story of Juliette, a girl incapable of touch. The last time she did, she was imprisoned for murder. So now, she hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days.
I was initially drawn to this book by its gorgeous cover, loving the design and its colours. However, after delving into the first few chapters, I was immediately hooked by the story. This novel is so easy to read and follow, the characters are fascinating and flawed and the series as a whole is shamelessly fun. I highly recommend this book for an easy, one-sitting read.

Heartbreak Boys | Simon James Green

Goodreads Rating: 4.35
Genre: LGBT, Young Adult, Contemporary, Queer, Gay, Humour, Comedy
Contains: Strong Language, Crude Humour, Homophobia, Drugs/Alcohol

‘Heartbreak Boys’ follows Jack and Nate, two boys who were dumped by their respective exes at the start of summer. So, as revenge, the boys team up to start posting pictures on social media that they’re having a better time than them. As a Simon James Green fan, I knew from the get-go that I was going to enjoy this read, however, I underestimated just how much. The novel itself is classic SJG, with witty remarks, brilliant humour and a love story that will melt your heart. The chapters are short, making for a very easy read, whilst the brilliant characters made it incredibly addictive. I can’t recommend this book enough!

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder | Holly Jackson

Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Series: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary, Fiction, Young Adult
Contains: Strong Language, Violence, Murder, Death, Drugs, Alcohol, Rape, Sexual Assault, Blood/Gore

‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ tells the story of a five-year-old closed case, where a schoolgirl named Andie Belle was murdered by Sal Singh. However, in the same town that was consumed by the murder, Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure that Sal was the culprit. This novel is a unique one, being incredibly fast paced that is broken up between production logs, case evidence and Pippa’s narrative, which are incredibly fascinating to read. They tell the dark story beautifully, gripping you from page one and holding your interest from beginning to end.

The Fault in Our Stars | John Green

Goodreads Rating: 4.21
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Contains: Strong Language, Sexual Content, Death, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Trauma

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ follows Hazel Lancaster, a young girl suffering with terminal cancer. She frequents a Cancer Kid Support Group, where people gather around to tell their stories, and it’s there that Hazel meets Augustus Waters. Now, this book wasn’t my most favourite read of the year, but it definitely deserved the four star rating that I gave it. However, the bluntness and rawness of the writing draws you into the story, capturing you until you’ve reached the last page and that’s why it deserves a spot on this list. It’s a powerful tale that was necessary to be told, and I deeply enjoyed my time with the characters, so much that it pulled me from a month-long slump.

Break Your Glass Slippers | Amanda Lovelace

Goodreads Rating: 4.14
Series: You Are Your Own Fairy Tale
Genre: Poetry, Feminism, Nonfiction, Adult, Retellings, Contemporary, Mental Health, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Self Help, Romance
Contains: Strong Language, Child Abuse, Abuse, Toxic Friendships, Toxic Romantic Relationships, Sexual Harassment, Eating Disorders, Fatphobia, Suicide, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Trauma

‘Break Your Glass Slippers’ is the first instalment of the You Are Your Own Fairy Tale series by Amanda Lovelace. This instalment explores overcoming those who don’t see your worth, even if that person is sometimes yourself, and how in the epic tale of your life, you are the most important character. Amanda Lovelace’s work is no stranger to this blog, being mentioned and hyped up many, many times. The poet is an inspiration to me, and this collection was no exception to my excitement. It’s easy to read, yet so tempting to re-read time and time again, with the opportunity to dip in and out whenever you need a little pick-me-up. I cannot recommend this collection enough for poets, prose writers and artists alike. This book has it all.

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