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Witchy Wednesday | A Mega Divination Haul

So, this week I’ve decided to treat myself whilst in one of my favourite spiritual stores, and also whilst exploring Amazon, and I ended up purchasing quite a few new divination decks to add to my ever-growing collection. Needless to say, I’m very excited to get bonded with them and embrace the messages they’ll be sending to me and the language they will use.

The Light Seer’s Tarot | Chris-Anne

Published: 2019, by Hay House, UK.
Pages: 184 (+ 78 Cards)
By reimagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary, boho, and intuitive style, The Light Seer’s Tarot expresses the light and shadow sides of our natures and explores the lessons that can be learned from both.
The expressive characters who live within the landscapes of the cards tell stories, ask questions, and provide guidance. This deck is an ideal companion as you seek to uncover the places in your life – and in yourself – that are most in need of illumination.

This deck is one of my most anticipated, having wanted it to add to my collection a few months now, and finally I managed to convince myself to purchase it and treat myself. So far, it’s everything I could have wanted it to be. The deck comes in a small, rectangular box, with a gorgeous quote from the creator situated in the inside of the lid. The guidebook is around 200 pages long, and seems quite detailed in its descriptions, but I’ll know more as I start to learn with the deck. The cards are absolutely gorgeous, being vibrant and bright, diverse and with good cardstock. However, I’m not a fan on the backs, being very dark and dull and not doing justice to the gorgeous artwork on the front. My personal favourites so far are the High Priestess card, with her elegance and The Fool, with it’s sense of freedom and anticipation. I’m very excited to do some positive workings with this deck.

Oracle of the 7 Energies | Colette Baron-Reid

Published: 2020, by Hay House, UK.
Pages: 142 (+ 49 Cards)
The wisdom of the energy of seven an be seen in cultures all over the world, in belief systems throughout history,… and in your own life today. Its influence is reflected in the way you think, how you make decisions, what you encounter within yourself, and the conditions of your world. Drawing upon the power of seven, this oracle reveals how we as individuals experience our lives, giving us a framework from which to make empowered choices as we co-create our reality. With guidance from intuitive master and oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid, you can now awaken the power of Source within you, becoming a channel for Divine abundance and miracles.

This deck seems to be very carefully boxed, being a side opening packaging design, whilst including a ribbon to assist in retrieving the cards. There is a delightfully insightful message in the inside of the box, assisting in the energy of the deck. The guidebook is slightly daunting, split into seven sections and describing the cards as being split into those sections also. I can’t imagine myself personally following those sections, using my own intuition to read them, but I might refer to the book if I’m drawing a blank eventually. The cards are gorgeous, however, being elegant and gentle with beautiful images and text beneath. Although, the backs aren’t the best, with a somewhat cheesy rainbow and I can’t quite connect them to the elegance of the front. Personally, The Storyteller is my initial favourite card, being drawn to the title, along with Sacred Reverence for it’s blues and feelings of connection to the universe.

The Halloween Oracle | Stacey Demarco

Published: 2014, by Blue Angel Publishing.
Pages: 80 (+ 36 Cards)
Unleash your inner monster and trick-or-treat your way into a connection with the most magical and scary night of the year: Halloween!
Festivals of the Death like Halloween have been celebrated for thousands of year across many different world cultures. They serve to honour those who have passed and to celebrate death as a natural part of life and an opportunity to welcome in a new beginning. During Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival from which Halloween originates, the veil between this world and the next was believed to be at its thinnest and so since the very beginning, Halloween has been an occasional for effective and potent divination – a chance to connect with ‘the other side’ or get a glimpse into your future.

This deck is one of my highly anticipated decks, having adored the thought of it from the moment I’d heard about it, and I immediately reached to it when I brought it into my home. The packaging looks absolutely beautiful, with Halloween themed decals dotted around the sides, which as a Samhain fan, I really appreciate. The guidebook is incredibly fun, with the author’s experiences with Halloween before getting into detail about every card in the deck. The cardstock is unfortunately a little disappointing, preferring the matt finish but this one has a shine to it, meaning the cards were stuck together. But I’m sure with use it’ll improve. The backs have the same little decals dotting across, which are absolutely adorable, and the artwork on the front of the cards is gorgeous, with personal favourites being Trick or Treat, Skull of Flowers, and The Veil, which all have incredibly intense Samhain energy. I’m so excited to bond more with this deck and I’ll be using it all throughout the year. Besides, for some, it’s always Halloween.

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (Mini) | Nicoletta Ceccoli

Published: 2020, by Lo Scarabeo.
Pages: 32 (+78 Cards)
No information given.

Now, this deck was one I wasn’t particularly connected to at first, however, when I saw it in a Spiritual store, I couldn’t help but pick it up. After watching reviews online I didn’t feel as if this deck was for me, but there was an intense pull once finding it in store that I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing it. The size makes it absolutely perfect for taking on journeys with me, being pocket sized, and it made it slightly more affordable. The guidebook is nothing but a flimsy leaflet, which means I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is new to tarot, but the illustrations are eerily creepy. There’s an essence of Alice in Wonderland to Ceccoli’s art style, with personal favourites being the depiction of a snow globe for The World and twins for the 2 of Cups. However, there is no text written on the cards, being solely symbols for the suits and roman numerals for the Major Arcana. Nevertheless, I will try my best to work with this deck whilst travelling: It clearly wants my attention.

Dark Mirror Oracle Cards | Laura Sava

Published: 2018, by Lo Scarabeo.
Pages: 128 (+ 32 Cards)
A spiritual mirror for those who are not yet shining in the light, but are still surrounded by darkness.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, but I picked up this deck purely for the illustration of a skull on the front, being immediately drawn to the character on the left of the box. I can’t place why, but there’s something eerily beautiful about him, and sometimes that gut feeling is all you need to pull you to purchase a deck. Similarly to Colette Baron-Reid’s deck, this box comes with a ribbon to assist you in removing the cards from its packaging, which I always absolutely love about decks. The guidebook appears a little daunting at a first glance, but my intuition clearly wanted me to approach these cards with a fresh mind so I’m trying my best to pluck up the courage to delve into the deck and what it wants to tell me. The cardstock is a little flimsy, and the backs of the cards are disappointingly dull, but the fronts are absolutely gorgeous. They have beautiful borders around each image, with numbers to each card and a thankfully, matt finish. Overall, I’m excited to use these cards, and I’ll probably go into more detail of them at a later date.

The Tarot of Light and Shadow | John Matthews and Andrea Aste

Published: 2020, by Watkins.
Pages: 160 (+ 156 Cards)
For the first time ever, two decks have been designed to work together in a new, multi-layered approach to the tarot.
The shadow deck: your inner world, your instinct and what is unknown.
The light deck: the outer world, the rational and what is known.
This ground-breaking double deck from bestselling tarot creator John Matthews and renowned Italian artist Andrea Aste allows you to look both within and without, explore both sides of every question and answer, and find the best way forwards in the blending of both answers.

So, this one was a spur of the moment purchase, becoming more frequently intrigued by shadow work within my practice and this deck appeared absolutely perfect for it. Although, the packaging is quite basic, the insides are anything but. With a hefty guidebook, it explores the difference between light and dark within the self, and delves into details of such with each card. The cards themselves are what drew me to the deck, however, simply because there are two separate decks: a light deck, and a dark deck. The light deck is absolutely stunning, with a Tim Burton-esque design to it, and a bonus card known as the ‘Cosmic Mirror’, which I’m excited to learn more about. The dark deck has the exact same illustrations, simply with a black background instead. However, if I had to make one complaint, it’s that the suit of Pentacles has been replaced by ‘Serpents’ for reasons currently unknown. But, I might discover more whilst bonding with the deck. We’ll have to see.

One thought on “Witchy Wednesday | A Mega Divination Haul

  1. The Nicoletta Ceccoli deck sounds like a creepypasta waiting to happen with how it’s calling for you. This was so refreshing and different though, I’m starting to see more and more hints of your personality get projected through your words in this post. It’s honest, and real, and there’s more of the real you here. I love it. 💜

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