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Witchy Wednesday | Books for Beginners

So, as this is a fairly new segment of this blog, I thought I’d take the time to introduce those unaware of the world of witchcraft and are interested, to some reliable sources of information. Some of these are quite specific to certain topics, whilst others are more open to the practice as a whole. Either way, they’re all books I’ve read myself and found to be quite useful, so I hope it helps!

The Little Book of Tarot: An Introduction to Fortune-Telling and Divination | Xanna Eve Chown

Genre: Occult, Nonfiction, Tarot, Witchcraft, Spirituality
Summary: Have you ever wondered what fate has in store for you?
For hundreds of years, Tarot cards have been used as a tool for divination, and a way to shed light on life’s questions and challenges. With an introduction to the 78 cards and their symbols, advice on choosing your deck and tips on how to prepare and read your cards, The Little Book of Tarot has everything you’ll need to gain your first glimpse into the misty realms of the future… What message will the cards hold for you?

The Little Book of Tarot is an incredibly useful little guide for those who are fairly new to the world of tarot and need a simple nudge in the right direction. It’s split into different segments, each exploring ways of interpreting and using the cards and what they are. However, if you’re interested in the history of tarot, I wouldn’t recommend this source, as it’s only a few pages long. Nevertheless, it’s still a great little resource for those interested in this form of divination.

Craft: How to Be a Modern Witch | Gabriela Herstik

Genre: Witchcraft, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Occult, Magick, Wicca
Summary: Infuse a drop of magick into your everyday life.
Writer, fashion alchemist and modern witch, Gabriela Herstik, unlocks the ancient art of witchcraft so that you can find a brand of magick that works for you.
From working with crystals, tarot and astrology, to understanding sex magick, solstices and full moons; learn how to harness energy, unleash your inner psychic and connect with the natural world.
Full of spells and rituals for self-care, new opportunities and keeping away toxic energy, Craft is the essential lifestyle guide for the modern woman who wants to take control and reconnect with herself.
After all, empowered women run the world (and they’re probably witches

Craft is an absolutely brilliant guide for everything involving witchcraft, not necessarily delving into Wicca. For those looking for more of the religious side of things, I’d recommend looking elsewhere, however, if you need a simple guide for those wanting to explore witchcraft as a practice rather than as a religion, this is definitely the book for you. It delves into so many categories, from the history to the basic practices and it was a brilliant guide for me when I considered myself to be a Baby Witch. I cannot recommend this book enough.

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care: Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit | Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Genre: Witchcraft, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Religion, Wicca, Self Help, Occult
Summary: Self-care and magic work together in this guide to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies, spells, and rituals inspired by witchcraft in this unique, enchanted guide to self-care.
Self-care is a necessity for any modern woman. The goals of self-care are simple: healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit. This book helps you prioritize yourself with a little help from the magic of witchcraft. The Witch’s Book of Self-Care has advice for pampering your mind, body, and spirit with spells, meditations, mantras, and powerful activities to help you to keep healthy, soothe stress, relinquish sadness, channel joy, and embrace your strength. This book features such magical self-care remedies:
-A Ritual to Release Guilt: Learn to burn whatever causes you pain and process painful memories or work through heavy emotions in this therapeutic ritual.
-Green Space Meditation: Learn how to reconnect with the healing energies of nature, even in the middle of a bustling city, as part of a series of meditations based on the elements and your senses.
-DIY Body Butter: Create your own custom soothing and smoothing body butter, powered by crystal and essential oils suited to your intention, and sanctified by a ritual.
And much more! The Witch’s Book of Self-Care shows you how easy it is to connect to the earth, harness your personal power, and add a little magic to your everyday life for a better you!

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care might be the most advanced book on this list, however, it’s the most beginner friendly spell book that I can find. It explores the art of self-care in a very magical way, discussing the values before offering prompts and spells to alter your way of life in order to accommodate those things. Split into segments, it explores the different types of self-care and how to involve your magical practice with those things. It’s a truly beautiful guide and I’d definitely consider the prompts within to be incorporated into your practice.

The Crystal Code: A Modern Guide to Crystal Healing | Tamara Driessen

Genre: Nonfiction, Witchcraft, Spirituality, Occult, Religion, Wicca
Summary: De-stress, recharge, and tune into your intuition with this indispensable guide to unlocking the power of crystals and creating positive change in your life.
More than just sparkly decorations, crystals are ancient objects that possess holistic healing benefits to manifest harmony, health, and connection with ourselves on a deeper level. For crystal healer Tamara Driessen, they’ve been part of her life since she bought a hunk of rose quartz when she was eight years old. Ever since, she’s used crystals to guide and heal herself, and later, others in one-on-one client sessions and sold-out monthly workshops in London. She sees these glittering stones as cosmic technology, absorbing, transforming, and transmitting energy. Within this book she teaches us about the unique properties of 70 potent crystals–each beautifully photographed–and how to work with them, whether you’re looking to quiet your mind, enliven your heart, or cleanse your living space.

The Crystal Code is another excellent book for those curious more about the healing process of witchcraft. If you’re considering working with crystals in your practice then I’d highly recommend grabbing this book for your library, as it explores a number of areas surrounding the theme of crystals. From practices to properties, The Crystal Code delves into the importance of crystal healing and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. It’s a gorgeous book, and I cannot recommend it enough for those interested in the power of crystals. It’s my favourite guide on the matter.

Wicca | Harmony Nice

Genre: Witchcraft, Religion, Wicca, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Occult
Summary: Welcome to Generation “Hex”–an era where young Americans know that witchcraft isn’t about devil worship and spooky curses, and instead are openly embracing meaningful Wiccan rituals that can enrich our lives in real-world ways. In Wicca, 21-year-old Harmony Nice–a YouTube and Instagram star with 700,000 followers–offers modern readers a guide to overcoming obstacles and maximizing happiness. 

Wicca is a gorgeous piece of literature, exploring the areas of Paganism in such a beautiful and desirable way. For those interested in the more religious side to witchcraft, this is definitely the book for you. Harmony Nice’s videos are a create resource to get started, however, if you need a little background information or some light reading into the topics she discusses, then I highly recommend this book. It taught me the basics to everything I needed to know in only a couple hundred pages. It’s the perfect read for beginners.

5 thoughts on “Witchy Wednesday | Books for Beginners

  1. These are very well sourced and diverse pieces. You really know what you’re talking about with these recommendations! Also, I love that line “empowered women run the world (and they’re probably witches)”. 💜

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I tried my best to delve into all areas of my expertise to ensure I’m giving reliable information. I’m quite happy with what I’ve chosen. I love that line too, it’s so sassy! ❤

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      1. I liked how you pointed out what is useful for those looking for the methods and what is good if you want a history, those are very good differences to highlight and you should be happy! It is, sassy and a lot of truth behind it. Magic power and lady power! ✊💜

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      2. Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me and I feel it is really important for beginners to learn about both the history and the practice itself. Hells yeah! 💪💖

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