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Character of the Month (January ’21) | Yuki Sohma

Note: This post contains spoilers from the Fruits Basket series by Natsuki Takaya.

This month, I’ve been delving back into my all-time favourite manga series, Fruits Basket, and I’ve hit the peak part of the plot where a lot of the development takes place, and I can’t help but feel drawn to one character in particular.

Yuki Sohma | Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a series that has inhabited a small place in my heart since I was a young child, finding it so easy to fall in love with the world and its characters. Yuki Sohma is no exception to this, unable to shield myself from his princely ways.

Yuki’s Character is one which develops heavily within the show, as his character breaks apart from his princely exterior and we learn more about the loneliness within. It’s absolutely fascinating to discover and watch him unravel, it being incredibly moving to see this man come out of his shell whilst surrounded by a more close support network.
As the story progresses and Yuki finds his footing, we’re more introduced to other sides of his personality, from his boldness and confidence, to his romantic and loving sides. He still has that calm demeanour, as the Prince of the school, but he’s more assure of himself and you can’t help but be drawn to that. You can’t help but be inspired by his ways.

Who is Yuki Sohma?

  • One of the deuteragonists of the Fruits Basket series.
  • The youngest son of his parents, and the younger brother of Ayame Sohma by ten years.
  • The Rat of the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Lives with Shigure Sohma, Tohru Honda, and Kyo Sohma.
  • Nicknamed “Prince Charming” at school, enough for there to be a fan club of him known as the “Prince Yuki Fan Club.” He has many other nicknames throughout the series, such as; Rat-boy, Prince, Yun-Chan, Yunyun, and President.
  • Depicted as an attractive, reserved, and accomplished young man, but due to his broken family, abusive childhood, and the effects of the Curse, he has severe self-esteem issues and feels isolated.
  • Tries his best throughout the series to fall in love with protagonist, Tohru Honda, but later comes to terms with the fact that he had been looking for a mother figure in her.
  • Eventually becomes the president of the student council. In the process, he becomes best friends with Kakeru Manabe and falls in love with Machi Kuragi.
  • Is noted by his peers to be very beautiful with a feminine appearance, and is often admired for his looks. However, he has a complex about his feminine face.
  • Viewed as a perfect, untouchable prince, and displays a very kind personality. However, in reality, he’s awkward, lazy, and terrible at cleaning and cooking.
  • Envies Kyo in many ways, especially for his ability to socialise more easily than he can.

Favourite Quotes

“I want someone too. Not a person I put up on a pedestal, but someone who’s on my level. Someone I need who needs me back… feeling secure when I go to sleep and being accepted, they’re not enough. I want to give.”

“When I was very young, my world consisted only of Akito, my mother, and whatever I could glimpse through the sliding paper door.”

“I don’t think you can like yourself until someone says that they like you first. When someone accepts you, you can start accepting yourself.”

“I’m grateful to have someone who worries about me and supports me. That’s why, even if I am weak, I want to be someone who doesn’t wallow in their weakness. There were times when I wondered how many people would notice if I disappeared in a crowded place like this. But now, I’m a little different.”

“Akito, am I really so strange that I have to hide who I am?”

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