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Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (February ’21)

So, it’s the start of a new month, which means that it’s time for February’s Monthly Forecast! For those curious, all you have to do is choose a pile of cards below, scroll to that pile’s subheading and receive this month’s tarot reading. Feel free to drop a comment below of what you thought!

If you’re uncertain of what this means, it’s a simple, generalised tarot reading for you. As mentioned in last month’s reading, I’m fairly acquainted with tarot now, having been studying for a few years, however, that does not mean that I’m in any way a professional. I’m just doing this for fun and practice.
For this monthly forecast, you don’t have to be well-versed in tarot or oracle, there are no requirements, and you’re welcome to scroll down and read them all if you want to. Just enjoy the reading in whatever way you feel most comfortable with.

The entire reading might not apply to you, remember this is a general reading for the blogging community, but take the reading however you wish and embrace the message that the cards bring.
The decks I’m using this month are Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle and the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle, hoping it’ll bring a little colour into the month ahead.

If you chose… Pile 1:

From left to right: ‘Council of Light’, Page of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles, The Hermit, and Four of Wands

This February is all about determination and focus for Pile 1’s. You might not be the most experienced in your goals, but you have the perseverance to get you there. The Four of Pentacles is reminding you to relinquish any control you are trying to have and allow someone else to take the reigns for a while. The Four of Pentacles is grasping onto her coins a little too tightly, almost possessively, and it’s time for you to loosen your grip a little. The Hermit says that you might need some solitude, but ‘Council of Light’ is reminding you that it’s okay to ask for help or guidance along the way. This means that you’ll be content in solitude, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be without your support network during this month ahead. It won’t be all as daunting as that sounds, however, as the Four of Wands suggests celebrations will be in order whilst you’re on your journey into February. By achieving what you set out to do this month, you’ll be on your way to happiness in the months ahead. It’s a very positive celebration of success and achievement.

If you chose… Pile 2:

From left to right: ‘Mirror’, Ten of Pentacles, The Chariot, Queen of Wands, and Two of Pentacles

Pile 2 is about discovering your own power and confidence in order to get things done. The Chariot is a powerful being, and they’re radiating confidence whilst on their bike, dressed in leather and brandishing a sword. There’s nothing this being cannot do when they’re feeling their best. Although, ‘Mirror’ is suggesting you look inwards in order to see what and who is triggering you, meaning that in order to face your battles this month, it’s important to look inwards and consider what is affecting you and why. The Ten of Pentacles is surrounded by coins, suggesting reunion and success for your efforts. You have a strong support network, and this month might be a good time to take them up on their offer and ask for a little guidance and support . There’s going to be freedom and balance in your life in this month ahead, as the Two of Pentacles is balancing their coins effortlessly. Everything will be alright, you just have to face what’s bothering you first.

If you chose… Pile 3:

From left to right: ‘Trust the Niggle’, Knight of Wands, Page of Cups, Knight of Cups, King of Swords

Pile 3 explores multiple areas of your life, however, they all lead down the same path: you need to take action. Have you ever had a persistent niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right? Well, it’s time to face it and read its message: You need to do something about that feeling or it won’t go away. The Knight of Wands reminds you that it’s time to take action, in which you can do so confidently with the Knight of Cups by your side. This month might take its toll on you, but with those Knights beside you there’s nothing that can stand in your way. There’s something unexpected coming your way this month, but with a little guidance and intelligence from a mature King of Swords, you can overcome this damn niggling feeling. With the multitude of court cards in this reading, there’s a hint that it could be referring to people in particular: Is there someone you’re not quite sure about? Is a loved one causing this niggling feeling? Take a look inwards, but be sure to take action once you’ve figured it out.

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