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Witchy Wednesday | First Impressions: The Harmony Tarot

This is a little different to what I’d usually do on Witchy Wednesday, however, considering the recent release of this tarot I thought I’d compose a few notes about my first impressions of the deck. I was so excited to receive it in the mail, having been a fan of Harmony Nice’s YouTube Channel and her works around Wicca. So, let’s delve into the deck and see what I think.

The Harmony Tarot | Harmony Nice

Published: 2021, by Rider.
Pages: 160 (+78 Cards)

Inspired by nature and her own wiccan path, modern witch and influential YouTube star Harmony Nice has created The Harmony Tarot, an enchanting deck and guidebook that offer a way to use tarot to improve wellbeing, as well as for divination and decisions.
This pack reimagines the traditional deck of 78 cards, with the suits represented by the four seasons. Designed as a pip deck, each card has been created to encourage you to connect with your thoughts and choices and inspire personal growth and healing.


The deck itself came incredibly well packaged in film with the cards wrapped separately. The box is beautifully designed, with elegant illustrations and pastel purple colouring. From a first glance, this deck is very much Harmony Nice, with a gorgeously soft design which really highlights the focus on self-care and health. The box opens simply, similarly to my Rider-Waite box with the guidebook on one side and the cards on the other. Overall, I’m fond of this packaging.



For a guidebook of only 160 pages, it’s a very well written book, with simple instructions that are easy to follow for beginners and advanced alike. Harmony Nice is very well versed in communicating about witchcraft, which she further proves with this deck accompanied guidebook. She delves into the purpose of tarot, before offering a simple explanation to each card, considering it’s not as familiar as the original Rider-Waite Smith. The explanations of the cards are offered in both keywords and detailed form, which really influence those who are both advanced and unknowledgeable of the deck. However, this book is quite small, nearly around the size of my hand, which make it a little difficult to hold and read at times. Nevertheless, the text inside is a good size and mostly readable.



The cards themselves are gorgeously designed, with a soft, pastel palette and elegant backings to match. There’s an illustration of the pentagram on the back, similarly to her book on the Wiccan practice, and there’s similar images to the front of the box. The backings are my favourite part of this deck, being a beautiful shade of pink and decorated with flowers from each of the four represented seasons in the deck. However, the illustrations on the front of the cards are quite difficult to pinpoint their corresponded season/suit from a traditional deck.
The Major Arcana is presented by different modern things, such as; The Witch, The Divine and The Empty Cottage, which is very unlike the majors in a traditional deck.
The Minor Arcana are represented by the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, each with a corresponding flower. There is no way of reading on the card which season it is, aside from the Court Cards, so this will take a while to become more acquainted with the deck and the meanings derived from the cards. I’m aware that this is a pip deck, meaning it’s intentionally done this way, however, it makes it quite difficult to read and learn. They’re also incredibly similar, which will probably make it take even longer.
The cardstock is incredibly good however, with a matt finish making them bouncy and incredibly easy to shuffle.



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