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Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (March ’21)

So, it’s the start of a new month, which means that it’s time for March’s Monthly Forecast! For those curious, all you have to do is choose a pile of cards below, scroll to that pile’s subheading and receive this month’s tarot reading. Feel free to drop a comment below of what you thought!

If you’re uncertain of what this means, it’s a simple, generalised tarot reading for you. As mentioned in last month’s reading, I’m fairly acquainted with tarot now, having been studying for a few years, however, that does not mean that I’m in any way a professional. I’m just doing this for fun and practice.
For this monthly forecast, you don’t have to be well-versed in tarot or oracle, there are no requirements, and you’re welcome to scroll down and read them all if you want to. Just enjoy the reading in whatever way you feel most comfortable with.

The entire reading might not apply to you, remember this is a general reading for the blogging community, but take the reading however you wish and embrace the message that the cards bring.
The decks I’m using this month are Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle of the 7 Energies and the Essential Tarot by Pablo Montt, hoping it’ll bring a little brightness into the month ahead.

If you chose… Pile 1:

From left to right: ‘Willing Release’, The Hierophant, Seven of Wands, The Moon, Death

For pile 1’s, this month is all about relinquishing control and allowing what will be to be. ‘Willing Release’ is advising you to allow the future to come without struggle, that the restraints you have on your own journey are a little too tight and you need to let go to allow your destiny to unfold. The Hierophant is here to teach you the ways, allowing you to return to your own traditions in life, whilst the Seven of Wands is informing you to have courage to overcome those obstacles. There is going to be some anxiety this month, highlighted by The Moon, potentially at the thought of releasing this control over yourself, but Death is here to advise you that you’re on the right track for transformation. Something is ending, and it’s going to transform into something new, You can do this.

If you chose… Pile 2:

From left to right: ‘Great and Full’, Knight of Wands, Seven of Pentacles, Eight of Swords, Three of Swords.

For Pile 2’s, this month is going to be revolving around self-reflection, and discovering you are the best you that you can be right now. ‘Great and Full’ is here to advise you that gratitude is the way to go right now, that you are enough just the way that you are, and that treating yourself isn’t something to be ashamed of. Accept and love yourself. The Knight of Wands highlights passion and action that needs to take place in order for this to happen. However, the Seven of Pentacles is reminding you that it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get there, and there’s going to be a lot of inner conflict and concern, but it’s going to be worth it for the sake of your own emotional health. The Eight of Swords refers to isolation, meaning that in order to overcome this obstacle, reaching out is the best route forward in order to avoid the 3 of Swords pain. Everything will be okay, it’s just one step at the time.

If you chose… Pile 3:

From left to right: ‘Feeling the World’, Three of Wands, Knight of Cups, Ten of Pentacles, Ten of Cups.

Pile 3 is all about the your own personal sensitivity and empathy levels reaching overwhelming points, meaning that you’re unable to control it alone. There is success and inner strength in your month ahead with the 3 of Wands, however, there’s going to be a period where you’re going to have to devote to self-care and kindness towards yourself in order to get there. You won’t be alone, as the 10 of Pentacles and the 10 of Cups informs you that you’re able to seek support from your family and friends. The place you call home is going to be a safe place for you in the month ahead, and with the Knight of Cups’ dedication to your emotions, you’re going to get to where you want to be. You can get through this, just remember to show yourself kindness this March.

5 thoughts on “Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (March ’21)

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this so much! I chose the third pile and it makes me feel a little more certain and self-assured about my month. I’ll look for those warning signs and be sure to reach out when I need to. Wish me luck! 🤞💜

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