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March ’21 | Wrap Up

So, this month I’ve been able to motivate myself a little more to read novels, rather than delving into graphic novels and manga. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, concentrating on reading a few series in preparation for the Netflix adaptation coming soon and I think it’s worked out perfectly.

My March Reading Goals

As mentioned above, I’ve been able to pull myself back from reading sequential art and refocusing myself back to novels. It’s taken time, but now I’m more motivated than ever to tackle my reading goal.

Total Pages Read: 1,677
Current Goodreads Progress: 14/50 (28%) 2 books ahead of schedule. 
Male Authors: 0
Female Authors: 1
Genres Read: Young Adult, Romance, Fiction, Magic, Fantasy, Adventure, Paranormal, LGBT
Triggers Found: Violence, Anger, Blood/Gore, Imprisonment, Death, Mutilation, Torture, Fire

Favourite Reads of the Month:

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