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Witchy Wednesday | First Impressions: Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook

It’s been a while since I’ve done any first impressions of decks, having purchased a lot but them not being as highly anticipated as this deck here. The moment this deck entered my collection I knew I had to write about it, falling in love with it from the moment I laid eyes on it, and I’m very excited to delve more into the deck now.

Supernatural – Tarot Deck and Guidebook | Minerva Siegel

Published: 2021, by Titan Books.
Pages: 128 (+78 Cards)

The long-running television series Supernatural is now an illustrated tarot deck, featuring original artwork inspired by the classic tarot iconography. The 78-card deck includes your favourite characters from Sam and Dean to Bobby Singer, Castiel and Crowley. The deck comes with a helpful guidebook explaining the meaning of each card, as well as simple spreads for easy readings. It’s the perfect gift for Supernatural fans and tarot enthusiasts alike.


The box itself came beautifully wrapped in film, thankfully in tact from shipping and a sturdy removable lid. The book is laid on top of the cards, with a ribbon to assist in removing the cards from their inner shell. There is clearly a lot of appreciation for the cards, with a muted colour palette of black, red, and blue to give the overall vibe of the deck. It’s decorated with runes from the show, giving off that aura of Supernatural and what the series stood for. Overall, I adore the attention to detail and care that has gone into this packaging.



For a guidebook of only around 120 pages, there is a lot of detail and attention that has gone into its creation, with constant references to the television show. The guidebook goes through each individual card, with both upright and reversed positions, before delving into spread ideas. Each card is tied to something involving the show, which has an explained reference in the guidebook, with a full-colour image of the card displayed also. The spreads at the end are also tied with the Supernatural television show, such as; Team Free Will, Lucifer’s Cage, and Apple Pie. I’m desperate to try out some of these spreads for myself.



The cards themselves are gorgeously designed by Matthew Skiff, with a muted colour palette that is to die for of blues, blacks and hints of reds dotted across the cards. Each card is a reference to the television show, whether it be a hero, vehicle, enemy, or item, and they’re all linked together with the same colour palette and art style. The backings are similar, with a classic Supernatural pentagram with runes dotted around the sides,
The Major Arcana is presented with a cast of popular, frequently mentioned characters and items, highlighting the theme of the deck and guiding you through the world of Supernatural with every card.
The Minor Arcana features various items, minor characters, and scenes from the television show – all mentioned and explained in the guidebook to how they relate to the core meaning of the card. With classic Rider-Waite Smith, the meanings are similar, drawing inspiration from the initial deck and putting a Supernatural spin on it.
The cardstock is fantastic, being thicker than some of my less-novelty decks, and proving the creators have put some effort and energy into the creation of these cards. After a quick shuffle, they have remained in tact, with hardly a bow to them, proving their abilities to me.


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