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April ’21 | Wrap Up

So, this month started off quite well, managing a few good reads. However, as the month drew on there were a few circumstances which meant that my reading dropped off the side a little. Nevertheless, I’m back and trying my hardest to gather the motivation to read once more.

My April Reading Goals

As mentioned above, I’ve managed to handle a few good reads at the beginning of the month. However, towards the end I wasn’t able to continue my streak. Nevertheless, it was a successful reading month!

Total Pages Read: 1,394
Current Goodreads Progress: 18/50 (36%) 1 book ahead of schedule. 
Male Authors: 2
Female Authors: 1
Genres Read: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure, Magic, LGBT, Romance, High Fantasy, Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Middle Grade, Paranormal, Poetry, Feminism, Nonfiction, Women’s, Mental Health, Memoir, Contemporary, Adult
Triggers Found: Violence, Anger, Death, Blood/Gore, Torture, Mutilation, Strong Language, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Body Image, Self-Harm, Bipolar Disorder, Depression

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Witchy Wednesday

Telling Tales

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