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Witchy Wednesday | Barbara Moore’s ‘Tarot Spreads: Layouts and Techniques to Empower Your Readings’ Book Review

This review is spoiler free.

“As you know, there are no rules with tarot – except one: let whatever you do reflect what you believe. So think creatively!”

Published: 2012, by Llewellyn Publishing.
Pages: 248
Format: Paperback
Genre: Occult, Tarot, Nonfiction, Reference, Religion, Paganism
Contains: No Content Warnings.

‘Tarot Spreads: Layouts and Techniques to Empower Your Readings’ is written by Tarot expert, Barbara Moore, who explains what makes a great tarot spread and why, including how the principles of design and psychological response play a part. In addition to simple techniques that will make your readings more fun and accurate, you will discover new ways to help you create a readings style that is all your own.

This book has been on my wish list since I was first interested in tarot many years ago, and the moment I finally bought it I was excited to learn more about the meanings of spreads and how they can empower a reading. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

With a book entitled ‘Tarot Spreads’, you are most likely drawn to the idea of finding a collection of spreads to try out for yourself, and with this book you are not disappointed. With over seventy spreads to choose from, this book highlights why they’re designed the way that they are and how to interpret them for yourself. In my own personal divination practice, I have tried a few out from this book and was delighted by the results. Moore explains each spread concisely, allowing beginners and experts alike to get the best results out of their tarot experience.
However, my favourite sections of the book is the techniques that follow these spreads, allowing the reader to alter pre-existing spreads and even design their own. These techniques are incredibly beginner friendly, encouraging the reader to try out a few for themselves. Personally, it made me incredibly excited to delve into the idea of altering and creating my own spreads, lighting a fire within me to work more on my magical practice.

Moore’s writing style is incredibly casual and friendly, inviting the reader into their practice and encouraging them to work with her to create beautiful spreads and enrich their magical workings. The layout of the book is clearly marked with precise sections and an appendix to delve into, giving you enough information to springboard off of and work on your divination.

Overall, this was an incredibly exciting read, getting me itching to go and work on my own practice and it being exactly what I needed to delve back into divination.


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