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Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (August ’21)

One day late, but It’s that time of the month again, it’s time for your Monthly Forecast! For those curious, all you have to do is choose a pile of cards below, scroll to that pile’s subheading and receive this month’s tarot reading. Feel free to drop a comment below of what you thought!

If you’re uncertain of what this means, it’s a simple, generalised tarot reading for you. As mentioned in last month’s reading, I’m fairly acquainted with tarot now, having been studying for a few years, however, that does not mean that I’m in any way a professional. I’m just doing this for fun and practice.
For this monthly forecast, you don’t have to be well-versed in tarot or oracle, there are no requirements, and you’re welcome to scroll down and read them all if you want to. Just enjoy the reading in whatever way you feel most comfortable with.

The entire reading might not apply to you, remember this is a general reading for the blogging community, but take the reading however you wish and embrace the message that the cards bring.
The decks I’m using this month are Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore, and Everyday Witch Oracle by Deborah Blake, bringing a little witch and fairy magic to your August.

If you chose… Pile 1:

From Left to Right: Prosperity and Abundance, Queen of Wands, Ten of Cups, Strength.

For Pile 1’s, this August will be a time for success and living life to the fullest. You have everything you need in order to get the outcomes you want, there is nothing holding you back, and you can reach your goals. In this reading, the overall view is that life is meant to be lived, meaning you have the ability to be outgoing and charming, you just need to be able to see that within yourself. You have experience in success, it’s not a unfamiliar territory for you, and you’ll have a month full of love and connection, as well as wisdom and receiving what you desire. You have the strength to face yourself and let yourself know that you deserve this, it’s time to accept and heal in order to be whole again. Bask in the glow of your own success!

If you chose… Pile 2:

From Left to Right: Meditation to Dig Deep, Four of Wands, Five of Cups, Four of Pentacles.

For Pile 2’s, this August will be a time of patience and meditation. Avoiding a situation won’t lead to a solution, so it’s time to dig deep within yourself in order to understand what is happening around you. There will be a time of celebration, usually within a group of people, and there will be elements of joy and passion in the month ahead. So, enjoy the energy whilst it’s there; live in the moment! However, this month is also a time where you must allow yourself to feel, there’s a special kind of healing that comes from mourning, and it’s vital for your self-growth to meditate on the idea of rest and what that means to you. Practice some self-care, and pick yourself up when you’re ready.

If you chose… Pile 3:

From Left to Right: Change and Progress, The Moon, Death, Faery Stallion.

Pile 3 is going to have a spontaneous month ahead. There’s an indication that a change or flux in your life is occurring, but there’s nothing to be fearful of; this can be a positive change. There isn’t a clear black or white answer to what’s currently on your mind, a solution isn’t available to you right now, which is confusing you but you do have the answers. This marks the end of something in your life, physically or emotionally, and it’s normal to mourn this ending. However, the inner power you’ll find within yourself, alongside your deep determination, you’ll be able to rise above it and find the light within the darkness. The progress you’ll make will be a huge achievement for you.

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