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Witchy Wednesday | Top Five Most Used Tarot Decks so far in 2021

So, as someone who accumulates many tarot decks within the year, I own quite a few decks, but even then I still have my favourites or most used. Although, this post was meant to be created a few months ago, I still feel as if I have time before the end of the year to create an update on my Most Used Tarot Decks of 2021. For now, here’s my most frequently used these last nine months!

The Wild Unknown Tarot | Kim Krans

Published: 2016, by HarperOne.
Pages: 208 (+78 Cards)

So, last December I made a review post of this deck, in which I discuss the fact that it has been, what I call, my Soul Deck for many years. This hasn’t changed, always going back to this one when I’m feeling a little magically drained and in need of a quick pull to get me back in the flow. The illustrations are gorgeous, absolutely adoring the designs on the cards and I find them absolutely gorgeous to shuffle and use. I have zero complaints with this deck and I love it so much.

The Witchling Academy Tarot | Pamela Chen

Published: 2021, by Llewellyn Publishing, US.
Pages: 216 (+78 Cards)

This tarot deck gives me serious Harry Potter vibes, with the school of magic with four houses and three main characters who continuously appear throughout the pages and cards. It just makes me love this deck even more. Even with the glossy finish on the cards, I’m continuously using this deck whenever I need a little cheering up, loving the bright designs and figures who appear. The guidebook is also wonderful which I use alongside my own interpretations, as there’s so much detail and story for each card. It’s a sheer delight to use.

Mystical Manga Tarot | Rann

Published: 2017, by Llewellyn Publishing, US.
Pages: 216 (+78 Cards)

I have been having an absolute blast using this deck, collecting Manga tarot decks and using them whenever I have the urge to, and this one is definitely my most used out of my selection of them. This one has such bright and entertaining illustrations, ones that I have the tendency to connect with quite easily. I absolutely have loved using this deck this year, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon, our relationship building quickly as I’m able to use my intuition to read the cards. The guidebook is also brilliant, able to discover new meanings to the cards with the help of it.

The Hush Tarot | Jeremy Hush

Published: 2020, by US Games.
Pages: 68 (+78 Cards)

Now, I have a very interesting relationship with the Hush Tarot, beginning the year using it incredibly frequently and enjoying my time in its presence and guidance it had to give me. Recently, however, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon with this tarot deck. The illustrations are complex and don’t seem to give me much to springboard off of when it comes to interpretations. They’re gorgeous cards, however, I don’t find much connection between the illustrations and meanings. The book is also scarce for interpretations, meaning I’m left to my own devices with them most of the time. Nevertheless, I have no plans to move away from this deck any time soon. I shall not let it defeat me!

Modern Witch Tarot | Lisa Sterle

Published: 2019, by Liminal 11
Pages: 78 (+78 Cards)

This deck is absolutely stunning, adoring the Rider Waite Smith clone-esque designs and the modern day spin on them. They’re incredibly easy to read and even include some bonus cards which look gorgeous on my altar. This is a deck that I have no problems with reading intuitively, as someone who has learnt Tarot through the Rider Waite-Smith deck and this one is incredibly similar. This means, however, that I’ve tended to neglect the guidebook but I’m positive it would have some wonderful insights. The only complaint I have is the cardstock, it being so thick that I struggle to shuffle without cutting my hands or dropping a lot of the cards. No matter, however, as I absolutely adore this deck and the readings I get from them.

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