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March ’22 | Wrap Up

This month was another slightly disappointing month reading-wise, only managing a few reads, however, I think it’s better to get this slump out the way early and continue the year strong!

As mentioned above, this month hasn’t quite been as successful as the beginning of the year, however, I’m still impressed with the amount that I have read, all things considered. I’ve been a little mentally unwell so I haven’t felt as productive as I was in January, but regardless of that, I’m still happy overall. I’m hoping to find the motivation to read again in April. I have university assignments to research, after all!

Total Pages Read: 794
Current Goodreads Progress: 9/50 (18%) 2 behind schedule!
Genres Read:  Mystery, Young Adult, Thriller, Contemporary, Witchcraft, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Religion, Occult
Triggers Found: Violence, Anger, Death, Blood/Gore, Murder, Rape, Sexual Assault, Drugs/Alcohol

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Telling Tales

One thought on “March ’22 | Wrap Up

  1. I think you could have replaced As Good As Dead with The Bible and it would have still been the best read of the month compared to that conspiracy nut dumpster fire. 💜

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