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Telling Tales | A Little Fool Disappears?

I originally wasn’t going to address this on my blog at all, having expected only to be absent for a few weeks at most before quickly writing up a bunch of out-of-date posts. However, things have taken an unexpected turn. Continue reading “Telling Tales | A Little Fool Disappears?”

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Telling Tales | Book Haul #5

Although, I told myself I’d be a little more restrained this month with my book purchases, considering I have a whole jar full of book titles I’m yet to read, I’ve been blessed by huge sales and a whole lot of loyalty card points; enough for me to get my hands on a few highly anticipated titles so early into 2019! This year is looking up already… Continue reading “Telling Tales | Book Haul #5”

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Telling Tales | 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Since starting this blog, there’s been multiple occasions where I’ve considered participating in a Reading Challenge, yet never had the time or thought to research more into it until now. After a few Google searches, I came across the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, which seems to be a fairly popular choice amongst bloggers. Although, a few of the prompts seem a little daunting to me, I’m looking forward to discovering a few hopefully future favourite reads. Continue reading “Telling Tales | 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge”

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Telling Tales | Christmas Book Haul 2018

So, this Christmas my family treated me to a wide selection of books; I’ve been completely spoiled. As there’s quite a few, I thought I’d compose a little blog post and give them each their own little moment in the spotlight. They’re not all young adult books this year, surprisingly, but I’ll still give them a mention as I’m so excited to get stuck into them. Continue reading “Telling Tales | Christmas Book Haul 2018”

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Telling Tales | 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge (Day Three)

This is the final post in the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge, which I’ve managed to just about complete on time! Thank you for a final time to Lost at The Chronicles of Tick Tock. I’ve had so much fun choosing my favourite quotes and could quite happily keep listing them forever.

Check out Day Two hereContinue reading “Telling Tales | 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge (Day Three)”