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Character of the Month (November ’19) | Adam Parrish

Note: This post contains spoilers from The Raven Cycle series.

So, considering this month is Call Down the Hawk November in my books, I thought it’d be suitable to talk about one of my favourite characters from both The Raven Cycle and The Dreamer Trilogy; Mr Adam Parrish. However, currently I am yet to complete Call Down the Hawk, I’m around 3/4 of the way through it, so this post will not contain any spoilers from the latest book. It may contain those from The Raven Cycle, however, so consider yourselves double warned for anyone yet to complete the series!

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Top Five Tuesday | Favourite M/M Couples in YA

This Top Five may contain spoilers.

Due to unrelated circumstances, I ended up missing last week’s Top Five, which got me quite down as I find these posts the most fun to make. However, it ended up working in my favor as I’ve been planning this post for Valentines for so long.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Favourite M/M Couples in YA”