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Top Five Tuesday | Anticipated 2021 Releases

So, I’m determined to make this year less doom and gloom and allow myself to be excited for some of the book releases that are coming out this year. Some I’m already aware of and are on my Amazon wish list, but some I’ve only just discovered. Nevertheless, they’re going to be exciting to explore.

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November ’20 | Wrap Up

So, this month I’ve been a little preoccupied elsewhere away from this blog, having to put it to the side as other priorities have taken its place, but I’m hoping to delve back into the world of reading in December. I also have plans to expand this blog slightly, wanting to incorporate other segments into it, but we’ll see!

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Telling Tales | The “oops, I did it again” Haul

So, this month I’ve been purchasing a lot of books, I will admit that. However, the reason behind it is due to the sheer amount of books that are on sale right now, or that have been released. This time, I managed to spend my Waterstones rewards on a few, managed to get more on sale in HMV and pre-ordered my favourites on Amazon. Anyways, enough of me trying to justify why I treated myself, onto the list!

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Top Five Tuesday | Books on my Netgalley Shelf

So, recently, I went on a bit of a requesting binge on Netgalley, there being so many upcoming titles that are so exciting and incredible that I couldn’t help myself! And, as it turns out, I was approved for all of them! Take a look below at what I’m most excited about, I better get reading!

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Hauls · Telling Tales

Telling Tales | The I-Have-No-Self-Control Book Haul

Honestly, I have no idea what to call this post, having no real reason to treat myself other than the fact that I felt like it, which is perfectly okay. There’s no reason not to treat yourself to things like this, so I went out and purchased as many books as I could afford because I wanted to, and I’m really glad that I did.

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Top Five Tuesday | YA Recommendations

My boyfriend recently bought a Kindle, having wanted to get back into reading for a while now, and it got me thinking of what my personal recommendations would be. There’s so many to choose from and it took a while to break them down, but here we go. Without further ado, here are my top five Young Adult recommendations! Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | YA Recommendations”

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Top Five Tuesday | Anticipated 2020 Releases

There are so many great titles being released this year, that I thought I’d compose them all into this little post. It’s a little late into 2020 than I’d originally planned to write this, but there’s still a load of releases not out yet to discuss. Honestly, I just enjoy researching into upcoming titles and adding them to my Goodreads account. It’s a fun way of getting excited for the upcoming year! Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Anticipated 2020 Releases”

Monthly Posts · Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday | Best Reads of 2019 (So Far)

Top Five Tuesday is back! And back with a bang as I discuss some of my favourite reads this year. Although, the year is not over, I felt as if it was time to delve into what I have read as I’ve nearly completed my Goodreads goal (I’m only three away!) and haven’t talked much about what I’ve completed. So, without further ado, let’s begin! Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Best Reads of 2019 (So Far)”

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October ’19 | Wrap Up

After finally being discharged from hospital, my blog is mostly back up and running. Although, not all of the segments of this post have been fulfilled, I’m still going to include one of these posts to try and get back into the swing of the structure of my blog. For now, I think I’ll just stick to the reading goal. So, I apologise for how short of a wrap up this month will be, hopefully November’s will look a little more impressive. Continue reading “October ’19 | Wrap Up”