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Character of the Month (August ’18) | Evra Von

I think this might be the latest I’ve ever published this post, but unfortunately I’ve been too busy to create it. Plus, procrastination is a curse. No matter, it’s taken a lot of thought into who to dedicate this month’s character to, and with deep consideration I’ve decided to talk about someone who has been a huge part of my life since I was a child.  Continue reading “Character of the Month (August ’18) | Evra Von”

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Telling Tales | Stranger Things Book Tag

In celebration of the second season of Stranger Things being released today, I felt it was the perfect day to post this tag. Thank you to Sarah Sunbeemz for the creation of this tag, it’s such a unique idea. Also, thank you to Jamishelves for allowing anyone to participate. Your responses were really fun to read!

Continue reading “Telling Tales | Stranger Things Book Tag”