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August ’18 | Wrap Up

I was hoping August would be a little more productive blog wise, having plans for more rambles and manage a full month streak with my Top Five Tuesday’s. However, due to my mental health this hasn’t been possible. In all honesty, I think this might be the least productive I’ve been all year, which is annoying considering I return to university in September. I’ll try and work on my blog as much as possible, but my Masters will obviously be my priority.  Continue reading “August ’18 | Wrap Up”

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August ’18 | To Read

This month we’re going back to the usual single To Read, compared to last month’s two. There’s a few more titles on there compared to normal, but some books are extremely small so I don’t think it’d take me long to complete them. There is also a few books that aren’t my usual reads, but as I start university again next month, I’ve decided to start my reading early! Continue reading “August ’18 | To Read”