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2018 | (Yearly) Wrap Up

So, I’ve been putting off writing this mammoth of a post for around a week now, meaning I’ve left it to the night of New Years Eve to get it done; more specifically around 4 hours left of the year. Not bad going, really. Anyways, this year has been full of highs and lows, some more serious than the others, however, it’s time to finally wave goodbye to the whirlwind of 2018 and say hello to 2019… please, be nice to us. Continue reading “2018 | (Yearly) Wrap Up”

Monthly Posts · Wrap Up

August ’18 | Wrap Up

I was hoping August would be a little more productive blog wise, having plans for more rambles and manage a full month streak with my Top Five Tuesday’s. However, due to my mental health this hasn’t been possible. In all honesty, I think this might be the least productive I’ve been all year, which is annoying considering I return to university in September. I’ll try and work on my blog as much as possible, but my Masters will obviously be my priority.  Continue reading “August ’18 | Wrap Up”

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July ’18 | My Disneyland To Read

This month I’ve decided to approach my reading a little differently, with two separate reading lists for different events happening this month. Firstly, I’m heading out to Disneyland Paris this week, so I thought I’d bring a few magical books with me to read while I’m away. The connection to Disney is pretty obvious, but I thought it’d help me get in the spirit!  Continue reading “July ’18 | My Disneyland To Read”