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February ’19 | To Read

After the success of January’s TBR, I thought I’d continue with my jar system. At the beginning of each month I’ll pick three titles out of a jar full of names and those will be my prioritised reading for the month. After that, I’ll start reading any given ARC’s or books that I simply can’t stop thinking about. I was initially a little nervous for this month’s draws, hoping not to get any books that are too bulky considering the slightly shorter time frame, but I’m so happy with the ones I pulled out! I’m hoping to try and complete them quite quickly this month as I feel as if my Audible and Netgalley lists just seem to be getting bigger!
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February ’18 | Wrap Up

This month has gone by so quickly that I found myself getting confused by scheduled blog posts and missing a fair amount of personal deadlines. No matter, there’s always March to try and get myself back on board. A.K.A the scheduled university assignment month. I refuse to allow myself to be behind anymore!  Continue reading “February ’18 | Wrap Up”