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Character of the Month (March ’20) | Fred and George Weasley

Note: This post contains spoilers from the Harry Potter series.

I apologise for how late this post is this month, but I really struggled to find the right character. At first, I was trying to restrict myself via gender, deciding it was time for another female character of the month, yet I couldn’t find one that resonated with me enough, so I eventually allowed my mind to flow freely again. And that’s when I had it. Besides, with the world the way it is right now, we all need a little light in our lives. Continue reading “Character of the Month (March ’20) | Fred and George Weasley”

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Telling Tales | Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to do one of these posts! Thank you so much to the lovely Windowsill Books for the nomination, your blog is definitely one of my favourites and I’ve really enjoyed answering your super creative questions. For those who aren’t following, I highly recommend their posts! They’re always such entertaining and insightful reads.

Anyways, onto the post!  Continue reading “Telling Tales | Sunshine Blogger Award”

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Top Five Tuesday | Most Heartbreaking Deaths in YA Fiction

In all honesty, this week hasn’t been the nicest. Things seemed to have gone progressively south from beginning to end, so I thought I’d wallow in my sadness a little more before starting afresh by making a top five most heartbreaking deaths in young adult fiction!  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Most Heartbreaking Deaths in YA Fiction”