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Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2017

Considering I did the best of 2017 last week, I felt like it was only fair to do the worst this time. Plus, January is full of reminiscing before creating new bookish memories the rest of the year!  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2017”

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Telling Tales | Goodreads Book Tag

Goodreads has been a huge part of my reading life for so many years now, recommending it to everyone I know and being actively near daily since. So, after noticing the existence of this tag I am so grateful to the lovely emmareadstoomuch for tagging me in this. Your answers were so interesting to read, and I’m a huge fan of your blog. Anyone who doesn’t follow should do so immediately, their posts are some of the best I read. Now, onto the tag!

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