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Character of the Month (July ’20) | Nathan Byrn

Note: This post contains spoilers from the Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green.

Finally, I’ve encountered a month where the associated character was easy to choose. Although, there was a few torn characters, I knew the series I’d choose immediately; one of my teenage years favourites. Continue reading “Character of the Month (July ’20) | Nathan Byrn”

Character of the Month · Monthly Posts

Character of the Month (July ’18) | Gabriel Boutin

Yet again, I’m late with this month’s post. I’m starting to think I’m subconsciously trying to reschedule when this post should be uploaded. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to stop my little habit I’ve been having of trying to alter the gender of my characters per month and simply talk about whoever I love whenever. Hopefully, this’ll help my scheduling better as I’m not restraining myself when choosing someone each month. Anyways, rambling aside, onto this month’s character!  Continue reading “Character of the Month (July ’18) | Gabriel Boutin”

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Top Five Tuesday | Final Lines

This week I decided to concentrate more on the writing side of things. Plus, right now I’m struggling a lot with gathering the motivation to read, and I always find the second half of a book to be easier to read than the first half. So, this week’s Top Five is dedicated to the best final lines of some of my favourite reads.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Final Lines”