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September ’18 | Wrap Up

I knew that when September came around that my blog schedule would fall a little; I’ve recently moved away and began my masters degree. However, I didn’t expect it to fall this much! Honestly, I’ve lost a little motivation to read, but am hoping to find new places in the town I’ve moved to that I feel comfortable reading in and try and boost the blog up a little! Note, many of the titles from now on will be on my reading list so might not be the usual content I post, but I don’t want to completely ignore them as I won’t have time to read both my own reading and reading for university.  Continue reading “September ’18 | Wrap Up”

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September ’18 | Unrelated Favourites

Another late post! I have no excuse for this other than the fact I didn’t realise the date and thought it was still September for another few days… How is it the end of another month already? I feel as if it was only a week ago since I was last composing August’s post. Unlike last month, however, this one has all the segments covered.  Continue reading “September ’18 | Unrelated Favourites”